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Introducing MyEclipse for Spring 8.6


MyEclipse for Spring is focused on further simplifying the delivery of standards-based applications that support the Spring platform on the back-end, and a wide variety of front-end technologies including Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, iPhone Web App, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Adobe Flex.


MyEclipse for Spring has a heavy emphasis on assisting developers with bootstrapping their projects quickly, building out the repetitive boilerplate code, and using existing technology assets without having to learn a new language or a new development paradigm. MyEclipse for Spring is also focused on giving developers options for the versions of technologies that they support to include those technologies that are in the widest production use today.

Key MyEclipse for Spring Features

* Apache Tomcat / Derby Sandbox
* Spring Project Bootstrapping
* Scaffolding Wizard
* Spring Security Wizard
* Spring Services from WSDL
* Spring Code Assistants
* Full Java Profiler
* Ajax Tools
* Web Services Tools