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MyEclipse Delivers Flexible Maven Tools, Spans Developer Spectrum


7.0 Milestone 2 provides expanded life cycle management solutions, maximum choice for Maven, UML, JPA

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Genuitec announced today the immediate availability of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.0, Milestone 2. This release includes the full implementation of Maven 2 for Eclipse tools, giving users the choice to utilize Maven in its native, “raw” format, or choose to utilize the fully-integrated Maven4MyEclipse solution. This flexibility, along with other upgrades, provides users a wide range of options to fully manage application life cycles.

“We were pleased with the response from the first milestone release of 7.0, specifically around Maven support,” said Wayne Parrott, vice president of product development for Genuitec in a press statement. “The integration of Maven into MyEclipse was a huge undertaking, and the high quantity and quality of customer feedback on the feature has allowed us to take that integration to the next level by providing fully-flexible utilization of Maven to our users.”

Additionally in Milestone 2, MyEclipse users will note the ability to utilize both UML1 and UML2, updates and enhancements to the MyEclipse ICEfaces tooling and overall performance upgrades. MyEclipse 7.0 M2 also includes updates of tools originally released on the initial Milestone, including JSF, JPA and Reporting tools.

“The MyEclipse 7.0 road map is something that should greatly excite users,” said Pete Carapetyan, product manager for Genuitec. “By adding the fullness of some of the most popular productivity tools to MyEclipse's already-rich feature set, Java developers are truly in for a treat with the Milestone releases, but a fully-realized productivity powerhouse in the GA.”

The general availability release of MyEclipse 7.0 is currently slated for mid-October.

New users can try the second milestone of MyEclipse 7.0 for a free 30-day trial, and as always, current subscribers can utilize the update at no charge. MyEclipse Standard and Professional Editions are $30 and $60 per year, respectively.