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MyEclipse 8.5 M1: Software Management and Delivery Inside


...Genuitechas announced the first milestone (M1) release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 8.5. The newest release is built with Genuitec's software management and distribution engine Pulse 3.0 inside.

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“In this release we brought two developer teams together to bring our Pulse management system inside MyEclipse for an enhanced user experience in understanding the status of individual and team collaboration projects,” said Brian Fernandes, MyEclipse product manager for Genuitec. “The Pulse team has done an incredible job creating the most impressive piece of software management technology that my team has ever seen – our users will greatly enjoy the new look and feel of MyEclipse 8.5 M1.”

Developers will not only enjoy an intelligent, interactive and innovative dashboard mechanism, but will be more productive with new features such as sending Pulse invitations to friends and colleagues to share software profiles and tool stacks. Developers can then manage tools, team sharing, add-ons and more from directly within their installed tool stack.

The production release of MyEclipse 8.5 is currently slated for March and will be the most simple, yet most comprehensive IDE on the software market.

Subscriptions to MyEclipse are available annually for about $30, $50 or $150 for the Standard, Professional and Blue Editions respectively.