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I wonder whether there is some timeline available for when JSP 2.1 support will be added to MyEclipse.

One of the things that I found to be really interesting in this new spec, is that it defines a mechanism for so called Tag Library Extension Elements. This allows for taglib implementors to define an extension (in the form of an extra schemalocation in the taglib tag in the .tld) which JSP-cable IDEs (which means you guys ;) ) can pick up and process.

The example in the JSP 2.1 spec (section is that a taglibrary vendor provides for "voice annotations that describe how to use each tag in the tag library". I'm reading in the spec that JSP 2.1 capable IDE editors should offer their own extension points where taglibrary specific plug-ins can be plugged-in. Of course Eclipse already has such a mechanism in place, so that it should be relatively easy to allow for plug-ins to be added to your/WTP's JSP editor.

Here's a quote from the example (JSP. in jsp_2_1-fr-spec.pdf)



    In the following non-normative example, a fictitious company called ACME
has decided to enhance the page authorís experience by defining a set of Tag and
Tag Library Extension elements that cause sounds to be played when inserting
tags in a document.
    In this hypothetical example, ACME has published an XML Schema at http:// that defines the extensions, and has provided plug-ins
for various JSP-capable IDEs to recognize these extension elements.

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Complete JEE 5 and support along these lines will start tricking out at the beginning of next year. It sounds like a long ways off, but when you consider how big the spec is, there is a lot of work and a lot of releases to make to get all this stuff in.

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