MyEclipse: Unable to install breakpoint due to missing line numbers

OlegKotik - Aug 01, 2005 - 03:58 PM
Post subject: Unable to install breakpoint due to missing line numbers
This is actually Eclipse, not MyEclipse question.

I am getting "Unable to install breakpoint due to missing line number attributes. Modify compiler options to generate line number attributes."

I checked both project level and workbench level Java Compiler properties (Complience and Classfile tab) - "Add line number attributes to generated class files" check box is selected .I also tried to "clean" the project as it was suggested in one of the postings - that didn't help so far.

Any recommendation would be appreciated.
support-scott - Aug 01, 2005 - 10:41 PM
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Are you running any Ant processes to package or compile in any way?
evhiii - Aug 30, 2005 - 09:36 PM
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I am building with Ant and I am having the same problem.
support-rkalla - Aug 31, 2005 - 02:31 AM
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Make sure you are setting debug=true in your compilation task, otherwise you won't be able to debug.
mangudiranga - Sep 05, 2005 - 06:55 AM
Post subject: Integrating Weblogic 8.1 with Eclipse 3.1

I found the answer for this question. I have set the WORKSPACE of my Eclipse to point to Weblogic - applications directory.

Further I have copied the SRC folder of my application to

D:\bea\user_projects\domains\xyzdomain\applications\XYZ directory.

Where my XYZ directory is the root directory of my applications containing all HTML / JSP / JS files.

Let me know if you need any further information.

beena_ra - Sep 19, 2005 - 11:17 AM
Post subject:
Hello Ranga,

I am having trouble in installing breakpoints in eclipse due to missing line number problem. I am unable to crack it. Looks like you have found an answer to the problem. Could you kindly elaborate on what did you do.
I need to remote debug an application running on WebSphere 5.1 application server.

mangudiranga - Sep 19, 2005 - 03:04 PM
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Hi Beena,

Please read my previous reply - all that I did is there. Let me know if you still need more info.

cbare - Oct 10, 2005 - 08:15 PM
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The solution given above involving moving your eclipse workspace to be in the app-server's directory is not a very good idea.

The issue, most likely, is that there are two compiles happening -- eclipse's and ant's. The settings for the eclipse compiler don't affect the ant build even if you launch the ant build from within eclipse. Ant controls it's own compiler settings. You can tell ant to generate debugging info like this:


<javac ... debug="true" .../>

indreshMishra - Oct 26, 2005 - 07:08 AM
Post subject: antlr
Hi !
please help
i am using antlr grammer for my language which has lokk ahead of 2 , i want to get offset of terminals but i am not able to get , [/b]please reply soon
sjselvan - Jan 09, 2006 - 08:35 PM
Post subject:
Thanks cbare,
u r solution really works!!!!

thanks again.

jkafeero - Apr 14, 2006 - 04:49 AM
Post subject: modify compiler options to generate line number attributes
Hibernate Version 3.1.3
MyEclipseIDE 4.1.1
Eclipse SDK 3.1.1

I get "modify compiler options to generate line number attributes" as part of the dialog error box when I debug JUnit tests which involve Hibernate.

Is this a MyEclipse bug with CGLIB or not?

Full message is


Full message is
 Unable to install breakpoint in
  com.mydomain.Myclass.ClassName$$FastClassByCGLIB$$53412954 due to
  missing line number attributes. Modify Compiler options to generate the line
  number attributes

    Absent Line Number information


support-rkalla - Apr 14, 2006 - 05:30 AM
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Just be sure your have that setting turned on for the project. Something to check (if you set it at the workspace level) is that you don't accidentally have custom compiler settings for your individual project that are overriding the workspace settings and turing this off.

Then be sure to Project > Clean your project.
dlatch - May 25, 2006 - 04:06 PM
Post subject: MORE: unable to install breakpoint

I can't set a breakpoint in a simple java bean method. I get the notification "Unable to install breakpoint in..." when starting my local Tomcat server. I am not using Ant.

I have MyEclipse 4.1.1 (Eclipse 3.1.2).
I am deploying to a local Tomcat server (5.5.x)

I've checked and double checked to make sure that my compiler settings have "Add line numbers to generated class files (used by the debugger)". Also, my project has not overriden this setting - "Enable project specific settings" remains unchecked as is the default.

In the past I have been able to fix this by:
- remove all breakpoints
- close all source windows
- Project/Clean Project
- undeploy, then deploy fresh to local

This time, none of the above will fix the issue. Last resort would be to rebuild my workspace and I would like to avoid that since I have several projects that I'd have to re-import, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

support-rkalla - May 25, 2006 - 06:15 PM
Post subject:
Navigate to your Tomcat 5 connector settings and go down into the Launch preferences, is it set to start using Debug mode? Also are you starting Tomcat from MyEclipse or are you starting it externally? When you installed it, did you tell the installer to make it a system service by chance?
dlatch - May 25, 2006 - 07:38 PM
Post subject:
The Tomcat Lauch mode is debug. I'm starting Tomcat from within MyEclipse. Tomcat is installed as a service, manual startup type.

Also, I've been running with this workspace config for weeks and setting breakpoints was never a problem. When I redeploy, all the class files are updated so somehow they are not getting compiled with the line numbers. I've even tried unchecking this in preferences, clicking Apply and then checking it again trying to get it to take.
support-rkalla - May 25, 2006 - 08:21 PM
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Try a new project, does that work? If not, try a new workspace (File > Switch Workspace > C:\tempworkspace, hit OK) then a new project. Does that work?

Did you try restarting using the -clean command line argument? Stale plugin state can cause all sorts of problems.
tory - Oct 13, 2006 - 09:51 PM
Post subject:
We are building a .jar file with Ant. However, we cannot debug into this .jar after attaching the source code to the .jar. There are a couple of places on the web that say this can happen if building a .jar with Ant, but they give no solution. Does anyone know how to correct this (other than not using Ant)?
tory - Oct 13, 2006 - 10:23 PM
Post subject:
I just went to File => Export => JAR file and manually created the needed .jar file. I was then able to debug into the .jar after I attached the source and redeployed to the server. Seems Ant is the problem. Does anyone know why there is a problem with Ant building the .jar files?
support-rkalla - Oct 14, 2006 - 04:07 AM
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The reason Ant is the problem is that by default the <javac> task does not include debug information in the generated class files. Just make sure to set debug to true and include all 3 of the debugging informaiton types. Please refer to the Ant documentation for the javac task for more information.
Kuckuck - Oct 19, 2006 - 02:44 PM
Post subject:
Thank you... rkalla..
That was the mistake. If have to change the javac option in my build.xml <javac debug="true" ... > and now after comiling i can install breakpoints.
Thanks again for your help... :-)

support-rkalla - Oct 19, 2006 - 04:07 PM
Post subject:
Very cool, glad it's working.
gglamonakis - Mar 29, 2007 - 08:10 PM
Post subject: Different JRE
I run in a fairly complex environment where our build room built our project using java 50 however the runtime environement into which the project used a different build of java50 - an IBM specific thing I think called J9

When I launched my project for remote debugging with this j9 jvm, I got that unable to install break point error. I changed the way I launch this appliation to use the java 50 version it was built with and the error goes away.

Best Regards,
support-rkalla - Mar 29, 2007 - 09:11 PM
Post subject:
Thank you for posting your findings for other users possibly running into the same issue.
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