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First, we want to assure our members of our commitment to MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench. This is a key strategic product, and you can count on a real business behind it. This is not a fun side project.

As for safeguards, considering our membership model and fees, you no longer have to make the typical 3-5 year tools commitment that requires an investment safeguard. You will have the choice every year to continue with us or select an alternative without having to deal with depreciation or capital write-off decisions. Equally important, MyEclipse is build on top of the Eclipse platform. Given Eclipse's direction and the growing tools community around it, if our business ceases to function, you will have ample choices to protect your skills investment. In the mean time, our software would still continue to function to the end of your subscription period.

From a pragmatic perspective, in the unlikely event that the MyEclipse organization ceases to exist, there will not be a shortage of enterprises that will want to step in and to continue the MyEclipse model.

Finally, where MyEclipse is bundled in other commercial products, and on a case-by-case basis, we are open to escrowing the code to protect our enterprise customers.
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