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We are migrating from RAD to MyEclipse Blue Edition Version 9.1.
We are using IBM WAS , Spring/Hibernate/Oracle/subversion and maven.

We had a very smooth migration to Win XP/32 BIT to MyEclipse.
Now , the entire team infra is upgraded and we moved to Win7/64 bit OS.
The set-up is not working now.

Here is the problem :
If we install MyEclipse using option as 64 BIT (using subclipse latest version), the repository doesnt come up .When i try to import project in the repository, It shows "default svn client not available" .

If I uninstall and reinstall 32 BIT , i am able to move forward but when I do Maven install , I always get OutOfMemory . If i try to bump up memory in myeclipse.ini , it wont let me move more than 1200 MB.

The team is stuck !

FYI - We are on 1 year license starting 09/11
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With subversion, have you installed the pure java client as one of the related software when you installed the plug-in? If the default client is not available, you can switch to the pure Java client (SVNKit) through the SVN preferences.

Let me know if that works for you.

If you're still having problems could you explain the situation more and attach relevant screenshots and your log file (after clearing it and recreating the problem)?

I'm not sure why you're seeing the 32 bit memory problem with maven. We'd need more details on exactly what you're doing with Maven to track that down.

MyEclipse Support
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