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Version 4.0 Milestone 2 for MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh is now available.

In this milestone we've added support for the Spring framework and WebLogic Server 9.0 as well as provided a large number of fixes and enhancements to all other new 4.0 features, as detailed in the milestone 1 "New & Noteworthy" document here:

Since this is a Development Release, it is available in the Downloads area in the section marked Development Releases and only a manual installation (zip archive) is available. The instructions to install the build are included in it, and are also available at this link:

We encourage everyone that's interested to try the build out and provide feedback to us, but request that you do not use it in a production setting as it is not a fully QA'd production release.

You'll need a fresh Eclipse 3.0.2 (not 3.0.1, not 3.1RCx, only 3.0.2) installation and JDK 1.4.2_05+ or JDK 1.5 on Windows and Mac, and *only* JDK 1.5 on Linux.

We are currently working on a port of 4.0M2 for Eclipse 3.1 and hope to have it available very near the time Eclipse 3.1 becomes final (end of June). The 4.0M2 build announced here definately will not work on any build of Eclipse 3.1.

Upgrading from a 4.0M1
If you already have 4.0 Milestone 1 installed, an update site is available and will be found by Eclipse if you simply search for updates to installed products.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide us feedback on the build. We ask that you please direct all your comment, questions, etc to the forum we've specifically set up for this purpose, located here:
That way they'll get the attention of the correct people on the dev team.

MyEclipse Support
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