Current Promotions

Genuitec and Skyway are proud to offer MyEclipse Bling subscriptions at the price of only $249/year. There are no special offers or promotions available at this time.

Contact subscriptions or visit the MyEclipse online store today to purchase your subscription.


Q: What if I am an existing MyEclipse Blue or MyEclipse for Spring customer?
A: Existing MyEclipse customers of any version can upgrade to MyEclipse Bling at a prorated cost. For example, if you purchased a MyEclipse Blue license a month ago, but now choose to upgrade to Bling, you would only be charged the difference in cost for the next 11 months. Alternately, you can renew for a full year or more at the new Bling rate, as multi-year discounts are now available. Contact sales for more information.