Unleash Your Development Freedom with MyEclipse

Your IBM WebSphere IDE, Ready for Makers

IBM WebSphere is a major part of your enterprise development, but being tied to RAD prevents you from expanding your development horizons. MyEclipse provides you the tools for WebSphere development and support for a plethora of other key technologies.
With MyEclipse, you can find the right mix of technologies to meet the software solution demands of your enterprise. Open up the doors of possibility with an all-in-one Eclipse IDE and avoid the hassle of gluing together your own IDE on top of RAD.

Expand Your Development Options

The non-IBM WebSphere IDE

Rapidly build applications for WebSphere and Liberty Profile servers. Easily configure WebSpherespecific deployment descriptors, and quickly deploy applications with instant deploy technology across a number of WebSphere server versions.

Broad Spectrum Technology Stack

MyEclipse gives teams the best balance of popular technologies from all vendors. From Spring to Maven, unify development under a single stack that supports everything you need. Even deploy to other application servers including Glassfish, WebLogic, and Tomcat.

Mobile and Cloud-Ready

With the evolving world of enterprise mobility, the need for an IDE that offers the flexibility for cloud and mobile application development makes lots of sense. There’s no need to maintain separate environments for WebSphere, mobile, and cloud applications.

Fast & Simple Enterprise Delivery

Installing your IDE should be the easiest part of application development, not figuring out which ~11 gigabytes of 46 available to download before getting started. Deliver your streamlined IDE securely to your teams with minimal effort.

The Right Technologies in a Single Stack

Break the Two-Year Update Cycle Leverage the latest Eclipse version & plug-ins instead of waiting for Rational's bi-yearly Eclipse updates.
Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Mobilize your applications with HTML5, JQuery Mobile, and hybrid iOS and Android app builds.
Best-in-class Maven for Java EE Maximize Maven with unique wizards for Java EE projects, Maven project import, dependency management and configuration.
Spring Framework and Scaffolding Capitalize on the best Spring framework and scaffolding support including DSL-based continuous code generation.
Robust Rational Compatibility Ensure team compatibility in a common workspace with RAD, WSAD, and Eclipse Java EE project format support.
Enhanced WTP & Facets Benefit from improved usability with an enhanced WTP, integrated support for facets, & maximum library compatibility.
Versatile Deployment Assembly Enable versatile application deployment by using deployment assemblies across multiple project types and servers.

Pricing for MyEclipse for WebSphere

Starting price in USD for yearly subscription for each developer

$159/year For Individuals & Small Teams
$250/year For Medium & Large Teams
with seamless delivery & licensing

MyEclipse Technologies Breakdown

IBM WebSphere Support Application Servers 5.1 - 8.5, Portal Servers 6 -8, Liberty Profile Server, Instant Deploy, WebSphere JAX-WS & JAS-RPC Web Services
Spring Support Spring Framework Support, Quick Scaffolding: Spring MVC, GWT, Flex, iPhone, Spring Web Flow, Spring Project Bootstrapping
Maven Support Project Import, Full Java EE Support, Advanced Dependency Management, Build & Deploy
Java EE Technologies Java EE 7, Java Servlets, EJB, JSP / EL, JSTL, JAXB, JCA, ACP, JSR 286, Web Fragments
Persistance & DB Tech JPA, Hibernate, Database Tooling, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft sqlServer, Sybase
Web Design Support JS Editor, CSS Editor, HTML Visual Designer, AJAX Tools, Image Editor
Web Services Support JAX-RS (REST), JAX-WS, JAX_RPC
Visual Designers HTML, Struts, JSF, Spring Web Flow, UML, SQL Query Builder
User Interface Technology Struts, JavaServer Faces, ICEfaces, Reporting & Charts