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MyEclipse 4.0 Targets Enterprise Developers with Comprehensive J2EE tools


Continues disruptive pricing strategy and sets a new standard for software delivery

ECLIPSECON 2005, BURLINGAME, CA—March 1, 2005 — Genuitec announces MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 4.0, a new generation of Smarter, Faster, Simpler and Cheaper J2EE tools aggressively priced to appeal to individuals and enterprise developers. A truly heavyweight contender in the J2EE IDE market, MyEclipse is only heavy on features, not price. MyEclipse 4.0 continues to build on the highly successful, all-inclusive offering by adding UML round-trip modeling tools, WYSIWYG JSP/Struts designer, visual Hibernate/ORM tools, Spring and web services support, and new Oracle database developer tools.

“MyEclipse is already an exceptional value today. Each of the new features, individually, has a considerably higher price tag than MyEclipse on the market today. However, we have made a commitment to provide our customers a comprehensive and an affordable solution without asking them to go “back to the well” for new capabilities. In that tradition, our customers will continue to enjoy our annual subscription program that provides full access to all standard feature releases and professional technical support with the release of MyEclipse 4.0” says Maher Masri, president of Genuitec.

MyEclipse 4.0 is scheduled for release mid-April 2005.

Genuitec is also sponsoring a new technology project to enable the Eclipse Platform to employ optional operating system-specific services and technologies in its general operation and to provide extension points and APIs for developer use and customization. “This project is the new plateau for Eclipse and the RCP. By capitalizing on these services and technologies this project has the potential to not only continue the reinstatatement of Java on the desktop, begun by the RCP, but to also engender new technologies and services unimaginable today by unleashing Eclipse beyond an Java-only perspective.” says Wayne Parrott, VP of development and product management for MyEclipse.

About Genuitec
Genuitec L.L.C. (www.genuitec.com) is an Eclipse technology company offering innovative Eclipse-based technology products, training, and consulting services. Genuitec offers training and expert consulting and development services for the Eclipse SDK and Rich Client Platforms. Genuitec joined the Eclipse Foundation early in 2003 and actively participates in steering the strategy and direction of the Eclipse organization and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation’s board of directors. Genuitec L.L.C. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

About MyEclipse
Genuitec’s flagship product, MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench (www.myeclipeide.com), is a full-featured J2EE IDE that enhances Eclipse with hundreds of additional features that enable highly productive enterprise Java development. A MyEclipse subscription is available for $29.95 / developer / year and includes all software updates and technical support.