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MyEclipse 5.5 M1 Intro Fusion and SNAPs Technology



MyEclipse 5.5M1 With SNAPs is Now Available!

The release of MyEclipse 5.5M1 is now available for immediate installation. Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX support is available.

Please review New and Noteworthy and read the release notes before download.

Download MyEclipse 5.5M1 With SNAPs Now!

What is a SNAP?

SNAPs are part of the expanding MyEclipse Fusion Technology suite. SNAPs allow developers to accomplish focused tasks without the weight of an entire IDE. SNAPs can also be used with any other development tool, and therefore free users from the vendor lock-in that is commonly associated with development environments. The current SNAPs available are the Visual HTML/Web Designer, XML Editor, Database Explorer, and Image Editor (including new screen capture capabilities). The suite of SNAPs and other Fusion Technologies will be growing in upcoming releases. A demo of one of our SNAPs in action may be found here.

5.5M1 Features The 5.5M1 release includes major enhancements and bug fixes for the MyEclipse environment,  most notably the advent of Genuitec's Fusion Technology and the new MyEclipse SNAPs lightweight RCP applications.  More information on SNAPs can be found here.  Besides the SNAPs, other notable enhancements include:

  • Platform support:
    • Eclipse 3.2.1 compatible
    • Built on an MyEclipse-WTP, an enhanced version of WTP 1.5.2
  • Multi-product distribution on Windows:
    •  Includes the MyEclipse IDE and 4 all new simple non-integrated developer applications ( SNAPs) for quick nonIDE-based development tasks:
      • MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench (IDE, all platforms, Standard & Pro subscriptions supported)
      • MyEclipse HTML Designer application (Windows, Standard subscription)
      • MyEclipse Image Editor application with screen-capture (Windows, Pro subscription)
      • MyEclipse XML Editor application (Windows, Standard subscription)
      • MyEclipse Database Explorer application (Windows, Pro subscription required for advanced features)
  • SNAP Developer Tools
    • These non-IDE special purpose applications are fully integrated with Windows
      • Appear as fully native Windows applications to the end user
      • Registered as the default application for Images, HTML pages, XML files and database files
      • Dbl-click launch with any associated file type in the Windows explorer
        • Uses current SNAP instance if running
      • Applications are listed in Windows OpenWith... dialog
  • Visual Web Designer
    • All new UI layout reduces editor modes to 2:
      • Design mode includes a split panel with WYSIWYG design panel and HTML/JSP source editor panel
      • Preview mode includes a split panel for simultaneous preview in Internet Explorer and Mozilla
  • New screen-capture feature:
    • Integrated advanced screen-capture support to grab images of desktop, window, and user region (Windows, Pro subscription)
    • Integrated to launch MyEclipse Image Editor for viewing and editing capture images
  • Database improvements:
    • New advanced MySQL database development features (Pro subscription required)
      • View, create and run MySQL 5 procedures and functions
      • View special MySQL server information on any database entity
      • Create new MySQL database wizard
    • Import database connection profiles from other MyEclipse workspaces
    • Simplified DB Browser View toolbar
    • Simplified SQL Editor toolbar
    • Added Exported Keys information to the Table/Object view
  • Hibernate improvements:
    • Added Criteria Editor 
    • HQL editor improved with better syntax highlighting & content assist 
    • HQL editor, Criteria editor and the RE process work with both Spring 1 & Spring 2 projects  
    • Reverse-engineering wizard enhancements:
      • Many-to-many relationship detection and code generation 
      • Custom reverse-engineering strategy
      • Column Exclusion option 
    • Improved SessionFactory implementation for better thread safety
    • Upgraded MyEclipse Hibernate Workbench to support compatibility with JBoss Hibernate Tools (beta-8)
  • Spring improvements:
    • Spring 2 capabilities added including upgraded Bean Wizard
    • Includes Spring 2.0.2 libraries
  • Web Services improvements:
    • Upgraded to support XFire 1.2.4
    •  Improved reliability in the Top-down and Web Service Client wizards. They now employ a WSDL validation step to identify incompatible WSDL before the code generation phase.
    • XMLBeans data binding properly supported
  • MyUML improvements:
    • Cut, Copy, Paste now supported for classes and interfaces on and between Class diagrams
    • Sequence diagrams now accept existing classes, interfaces and actors to serve as roles
    • Drag-and-drop better supported between the outline and class and sequence diagrams
  • Image Editor improvements:
    • General improvement of edit experience including better cut, copy, paste operations
  • MyEclipse Web Project
    • New Web Project wizard now generates a default index.jsp page
  • Usability improvements:
    • File View added to provide Windows File Explorer type browsing and visibility of file system resources
    • Image Preview now includes image size information
  • Installer improvements:

Though Matisse4MyEclipse is fully integrated into MyEclipse, Macintosh users will be unable to utilize the Matisse4MyEclipse, MyUML, and MyEclipse Image Editor functions due to the long-standing Eclipse SWT_AWT bug #145890.

The MyEclipse 5.5M1 release (with SNAPs included) is available to all free trial users. Please see the installation instructions below for instructions on how to try out MyEclipse!

Installation - IMPORTANT MyEclipse 5.5M1 is based off of Eclipse 3.2.1. ***If you already have Eclipse 3.2.1 installed, you will need to download only the MyEclipse "Plugin" update found here. ***If you have not yet upgraded Eclipse to 3.2.1, the MyEclipse "All-in-One Installer" will bring your system up to speed in all MyEclipse 5.5-necessary platforms, including Eclipse 3.2.1, MyEclipse 5.5M1, SNAPs and Java 5 JRE in one easy install. The installer is available in the downloads section. ***Note: the All-in-One Installer is currently available for Windows users only. Mac and Linux users will need to install Eclipse 3.2.1 and then install MyEclipse 5.5M1.

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