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Maven Projects :: Maven for Eclipse :: Maven tools and capabilities

This page presents an brief overview of Maven4MyEclipse features. Maven4MyEclipse is a professional implimentation of the Maven2 project, and is fully integrated with the broader MyEclipse too suite. To get a better feel for Maven4MyEclipse or other MyEclipse features, please check out the often-updated MyEclipse Educational Materials. We will have more details on Maven4MyEclipse soon.

Maven Project Option

MyEclipse now allows you to create Web, WebService, and EJB projects with Maven cabilities, in addition to all the normal tooling you expect from these MyEclipse projects.

Execute Maven Goals From Within MyEclipse

Run default goals from the "Run As" menu.
You may also add any custom goal, including even your own Maven plugins, from within MyEclipse.

"Add Dependency"

JARs can be pulled in from central public repository or private repositories by selecting the index from inside Maven4MyEclipse.

"Import Legacy Jars Into Maven Repositories Easily"

Only in Maven4MyEclipse can you easily import local JARs directly into your Maven Repository using an easy wizard.

MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With over 10 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: