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MyEclipse Visual Web Designer

Eclipse WYSIWYG HTML Editor / JSP Editor Support Struts and JSF Tags (Windows Only)

All MyEclipse distributions feature the lauded MyEclipse Visual Web Designer.This editor provides the following features:

  • Multiple page editor:
    • Source Mode
    • Visual Design Mode
    • Split-screen Source-Design Mode
    • Preview Mode for IE and Firefox
  • Visually layout and size HTML, JSF and Struts UI controls
  • Real-time synchronization between design and source modes
  • Collapsible palette with 50+ design wizards for the creation of new web UI controls
  • Custom form-based property editors integrated with Properties View
  • Drag-and-drop and copy/cut/paste UI controls and visually represented source artifacts
  • Visual controls depict fly-over details of the underlying source code
  • Design mode

(Windows & Linux Only)


Cross-platform technology brings JSP Visual Design to Linux

Now Linux users are full MyEclipse citizens. The last remaining feature, the new Visual JSP Designer now works on Linux. (Redhat 4 Enterprise is used in image below)

Improved JSF Container support

The Visual JSP Designer now has better support for complex JSF components like <h:panelGrid> or <h:dataTable>. There are still some known issues with these types of components in design view that are listed in the MyEclipse 5.0 GA Release notes.

Multiple Browser Preview

The preview support in the Visual JSP/HTML Designer has been expanded to include support for multiple browsers. Now instead of just one Preview page, there is one preview for each time of supported browser for your platform.

  • Windows: Internet Explorer and Mozilla
  • Linux: Mozilla only
  • Mac OS X: Safari only

By default, all of the preview pages that your platform supports will be enabled. However, you configure which preview pages are shown through the Visual Designer preference page.

Older JSP/HTML Designer and 'Classic' Editor now deprecated
The previous JSP and HTML Designers and 'Classic' JSP and HTML Editor that were available in versions of MyEclipse prior to 5.0 GA have been deprecated and are no longer shipped with MyEclipse 5.0 GA.

New MyEclipse Visual HTML Designer (Windows and Linux Only)

In MyEclipse 5.0, the new MyEclipse Visual HTML Designer has been made the default HTML editor. This replaces both the older version of the Eclipse HTML Designer that has been in MyEclipse since 4.0 and the HTML 'Classic' Editor that has been in MyEclispe since 3.8.

Benefits of the new Visual HTML Designer:

  • Speed increase: The performance of Source/Design synchronization operations have improved dramatically over the previous HTML Designer.
  • Increased Reliability: Editing in both source and design view now is much more reliable and will maintain the integrity of your edit operations.
  • Cross-platform support: The Visual Designer now supports both Windows and Linux. Mac OS X support is planned for a future release.

Cross-platform technology works on Windows and Linux

New Visual HTML Designer on Windows:

New Visual HTML Designer on Linux. (Redhat 4 Enterprise is used in image below)

MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 10 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: