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Smart Eclipse XML Editor

Edit any XML file using DTD-based code completion

MyEclipse provides an integrated XML editor for standalone XML development as well as as for use with the Struts Modeler and the Java Server Faces (JSF) Outline editor Main features include:

  • DTD-based code assist
  • Outline navigation viewer
  • Line numbers, print margin & line highlights
  • Automatic validation on save
  • Manual validation using validate on context menu
  • Search and replace
  • Support for XSL and DTD design
  • Formatting and real time validation 'as you type'
  • Integrated outline view with insert/delete/move node capabilities
  • Integrated editable properties view


DTD-based Code Completion

Edit any XML file and use DTD-based code completion provided by the new MyEclipse XML Editor. It can also edit your custom DTD and TLD files. Use the Outline view seen to the right of the editor as a easy way to navigate around your XML file.

XML Validation

XML errors are flagged each time MyEclipse performs validation on the XML file, which can be done automatically upon resource modification or explicitly through a context menu.

XML File Encoding Support

The XML editor will honor the specified encoding based on the encoding parameter.

XML Catalog Support

XML File Wizard

Take advantage of 4 different MyEclipse XML Templates when creating a new XML file. Use either the File > New > XML menu item or the new file tool bar button outlined below.

MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 2 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: