What’s New?
MyEclipse version: 7.5
Updated: June.14.09

VisualVM Java Profiler
 • full-featured profiler
 • configure visualVM
 • advanced capabilities

Visual SQL Builder
 • intuitive interface
 • complex SQL; with ease

UML 2 Support
 • drag/drop, rev. engineer
 • RAD EMX model support

ICEfaces 1.8 Upgrade
 • enhanced palette controls
 • JSP/JSPX updates

WebSphere 7 Support
 • remote deployment

MyEclipse 7.5: Simple to Build
Enterprise Apps with VisualVM Profiler & Visual SQL

Production release delivers visual design abilities to map out applications in an easy to understand dashboard

Genuitec has announced the production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.5. The newest release delivers extensive speed upgrades, including a powerful VisualVM Java Profiler, a unique Visual SQL Query Builder, ICEfaces 1.8 support and upgrades to MyEclipse's Visual Designers.

“MyEclipse 7.5 is by far the best integrated development environment in the market today - enhancements were made across the entire platform to satisfy our customer’s needs and requests,” said Wayne Parrott, vice president of product development for Genuitec. “The software now includes a MyEclipse-only Java Profiler that rivals anything on the market for ease of use and simplicity.”

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Other recent enhancements
Application Server Upgrades
    • support for Glassfish 2.1
    • supports WebSphere CE

Source Editing
    • XML tag insertion
    • CSS editor improvements

Spring tools
    • enhanced tooling
    • supports p properties

MyEclipse Reports
    • supports JNDI data sources
    • much more!
    • Java 6 form editor
    • Java 6 component support

    • supports content-assist
    • cancellable attribute sppt.

Core Technologies
    • improved performance
    • Java 6 default runtime

WSAD & RAD project Support
    • RAD 7.x, 6.x, WSAD 5.1 projects
    • maintain RAD compatibility

"Let's be logical: MyEclipse is insanely affordable."
- real customer quote