MyEclipse Blue Edition Release Notes

MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1

Release Notes

July 1, 2011


  1. What's New in MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1 - A Quick Flyover
  2. Additional Enhancement / Fix Details for 9.1
  3. Getting Help
  4. License and OSS Information

1. What's New in MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1 - A Quick Flyover

MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1 is the next generation of the MyEclipse Blue Edition IDE for enterprise Java and web developers working with the WebSphere 5, 6.x, 7 and WebSphere 8.0 application server platforms.

Built on the Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and Genuitec Pulse Eclipse Management and Runtime Services platforms, MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1 provides hundreds of new and improved code development, testing and deployment features.

As an affordable alternative to the Rational Application Developer 7.x, MyEclipe Blue Edition 9.1 focuses on improving developer productivity by simplifying the development lifecycle in the delivery of web, J2EE/JEE, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, RESTful web services, XML, JSP , JSF, Struts, Ajax, EJB3/JPA, Spring, Hibernate, UML, enterprise reporting and database applications. MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1 is supported on the Windows and Linux platforms.

Following are highlights of key new and improved features. For a more complete list of all MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.0 features and screenshots see the New and Noteworthy.

Java EE 6

With MyEclipse 9, you can now take advantage of Java EE 6 features, such as:

  • Servlet 3.0
  • JSF 2.0
  • JPA 2.0
  • EJB 3.1
  • JAX-RS 1.1

ICEfaces 2

ICEfaces 2 can be added to JSF 2 projects to develop next gen AJAX applications. Our Visual Designers support ICEfaces 2 components and tags while the source editors provide content assist and validation.

Bling Support

With MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1, you can now add the MyEclipse for Spring feature to your installation from the configuration center's Dashboard tab to easily create a "MyElipse Bling" installation that allows you to take advantage of extensive Spring tools and scaffolding for your WebSphere applications. Please note that continued use of the Spring functionality will require an upgrade to a MyEclipse Bling license.

EJB Deploy

The EJB Deploy tool can now be used for EAR or EJB projects which are to be deployed to WebSphere 6.1 and up. This allows you to turn off the EJB deploy step during deployment resulting in a much faster deployment experience. Run the EJB Deploy manually only when required.

Instant Deployment (Experimental)

This new mode can be used to deploy projects in a few seconds by pointing WebSphere to the project that exists in your workspace as opposed to using a production-quality deployment that includes copying your application out to WebSphere. Synchronization of resources and code is handled by WebSphere directly. This mode is most appropriate for rapid application evolution while debugging.

Extended Application Client Project Support

  • Support for ACP versions 1.4, 5 and 6
  • Supports client creation against EJB 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1
  • Supports WebSphere 6.1, 7 and 8
  • Advanced application-client.xml editor
  • Better integration into the MyEclipse project model and deployment engine

Extended DB2 Support

CRUD support for DB2 stored procedures, user defined functions and triggers.

EJB Deployment Descriptor Editor

The EJB Deployment Descriptor editor allows you to easily edit EJB deployment descriptor files (ejb-jar.xml) via a form based editor. EJB versions 2.1 and above are currently supported.

WebSphere Portal Server 7 and WebSphere 8

Start, stop and deploy applications to WebSphere Portal Server 7 and WebSphere 8.

64-bit Windows support

A 64-bit version of MyEclipse is now available for users running 64-bit Windows. To install this version, choose 64-bit when prompted by the offline installer, or install a 64-bit version of Pulse and when provisioning MyEclipse Blue 9.0, choose 64-bit.

Note: Due to technical constraints, the 64-bit version of MyEclipse on Windows will not include Visual Designers, the REST Explorer and JavaScript debugging. These features will be re-introduced in subsequent releases. Users can always choose to provision a 32-bit version of MyEclipse, even on 64-bit systems to retain access to all features.

Struts 2 Enhancements

  • Improved connection routing
  • Better undo/redo suport
  • Struts 2 specific validation for Struts 2 configuration files

To learn more about the many MyEclipse features, browse the MyEclipse Learning Center.

2. Recent Enhancements and Fixes

Additional details for enhancements and bug fixes for MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1 are identified in the following summary.

NOTE: Not all enhancements and fixes that went into MyEclipse are listed below. We try and cull the list down to ones that were reported in the forums to help visibility of fixes for effected customers. Internally we track 100s of fixes against any given release.

Work Completed in MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.0

16763Jetty 7.2.x supportSee link for details
17776Java EE6 container JSTL and jsf libraries not copying to deployment lib directory for Tomcat and Jetty
18145[Geronimo] Removing a deployed project and restarting server fails to restart
17297Custom console does not support custom server launchingSee link for details
18148[Glassfish3] Run as server application in Launch configuration results in NPE
18160[Resin] Stopping/Restarting a Resin 4 server shows
18381XHTML editor slow dependent on number of required projects`See link for details
17231[Activation] Some users forced to activate on every workspace startSee link for details
17543[Activation] No way to extend trial licenses from "MyEclipse Trial Expired" dialog.
17559Project upgrade settings not remembered
18170[Core] Old Webroot folder cannot deleted after rename/property change
18246[facetUpgrade] Adding capabilities to non-upgraded projects silently add facet nature without prompting.
18159[EJB Deploy] EJB deploy does not work with WAS 6.1 and EJB 3 FP
17694IceFaces 2.0 support for Myeclipse
17984[Icefaces] Multiple ITransformOperation exceptions when editing jspx or xhtml pages
18243[Icefaces] NPE when deploying and running the example icefaces 2.x project
18003[Icefaces] Duplicate icefaces CA proposals displayed.
18147[ICEFaces] CA is not working when typing
13913Background Indexer Crash Recovery - StackOverflowError
17495Mozilla debugging does not work for JS code inside JSP
17778Make "Debug as...->JavaScript Application" launch shortcut to work for JSP files
17784Implement JS node background coloring in html/jsp
17798MyEclipse 9 jQuery Support -- throws undefined errorSee link for details
18235Disable JS validation reporting when user disables validators
18236Add "allow automatic mode switch" option to js code analysis mode
18409[JavaScript] 'Call Hierarchy' view does not display the calling functions inside it
18460[JPA] Missing library issue when ME installed from archived update site in offline mode
13755[JSF] Index out of Bound logged on invoking CA on Visual JSF designer.
17843JSF Validation does not recognize method callsSee link for details
18263[JSF] JSF core tags show duplicate list in XHTML
18267[JSF] Unable to add JSF capabilities to a web project
18291[JSF] Standard beans are not shown in CA proposals inside XHTML file
18294Content Assist on JSF2 facelets does not show managed beans
18185Maven project dependency not working in MyEclipse 9.0See link for details
18433[RAD] Issues when enhancing RAD projects using 'RAD JPA Platform' as the persistence providerSee link for details
17960[RAD] Enhancing RAD6 EAR project fails with NPE if .modulemaps file is not present
15828MyEclipse process crashes during restart / switch workspace
17257[Struts2] Update Struts 2 validation for the Result element
18401[Struts 2] Result validator cannot handle wildcard mappingsSee link for details
16250[Struts2] Remove all the error message if the Struts 2 validator is disabled from preferences
17723[Struts2] Error while opening the editor for projects created in ME8.6See link for details
18323[WAS] In-workspace deployment fails for WAS installations on Windows
18222Unable to deploy WAS 5.1 application in packaged mode.
17789[WAS] EAR app restart fails if server name is different then "server1"
17880Opening console from running serverSee link for details
18178[Deployment] Implement new deployment mode: in-workspace

3. Getting Help

MyEclipse provides the following free technical support resources:

Commercial support options are also available from Genuitec.

4. License and OSS Information

MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.0 is a product of Genuitec, LLC and released under the Genuitec End User License (GEULA). This product includes open source modules. To view a list of the open source modules and their individual licenses see <install commons directory>com.genuitec.myeclipse.product/LICENSE directory. Click this link to access the public open source code used in MyEclipse.

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