MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench Release Notes

MyEclipse 10.6 Enterprise Workbench
Release Notes

July 27, 2012


  1. What's New in MyEclipse 10.6 - A Quick Flyover
  2. Additional Enhancement / Fix Details for 10.6
  3. Getting Help
  4. License and OSS Information

1. What's New in MyEclipse 10.6 - A Quick Flyover

MyEclipse 10.6 is the next generation of the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench IDE for enterprise Java and web developers.

Built on the Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo) and Genuitec Pulse Eclipse Management and Runtime Services platforms, MyEclipse 10.6 provides hundreds of new and improved code development, testing and deployment features.

Following are highlights of key new and improved features. For a more complete list of all MyEclipse 10.6 features and screenshots see the New and Noteworthy.

New Editors in 10.6

  • MyEclipse now has an EJB deployment descriptor editor for the ejb-jar.xml file. This editor was previously only available to MyEclipse Blue Edition users.
  • Our web deployment descriptor editor for web.xml files has been rewritten from scratch to be easier to use, more complete and fully compatible with the Java EE 6 specification.

Hibernate 4.1

Hibernate 4.1 is now supported for both standalone Hibernate projects and as a JPA 2 provider in JPA applications.

New Server Support

You can now manage the following servers from within MyEclipse. Debug and deploy applications to the following servers with ease:

  • WebLogic 11 & 12
  • SpringSource tcServer
      While we haven't added a new connector, support for this server has been significantly enhanced and tested with the latest tcServer releases.

Spring 3.1 and Spring Web Flow 2.3

Create projects with Spring 3.1 / Spring Web Flow 2.3 libraries. Content assist and validation for the new schemata, annotations and classes are supported.

Add and Delete Database Rows

In the Edit table view, you now have the ability to add and delete table rows in addition to being able to edit fields in existing rows.

ICEfaces 3

ICEfaces 3 capabilities can be added to JSF 2 projects to develop next gen AJAX applications. Our Visual Designers support ICEfaces 3, ICEfaces 2 and ICEfaces 1 components and tags while the source editors provide content assist and validation. With Java EE 6 projects, ICEMobile components are also supported to ease the development of enterprise Java applications for mobile devices.

Java EE 6

With MyEclipse 10, you can now take advantage of Java EE 6 features, such as:

  • Servlet 3.0
  • JSF 2.0
  • JPA 2.0
  • EJB 3.1
  • JAX-RS 1.1

Maven Updates

Our Maven support has been significantly enhanced with support for the following:

  • Flexible Maven project structures
  • Maven based EAR projects
  • Multi-module Maven projects
  • Maven 3.0
Traditional Maven projects can now be imported into MyEclipse with ease; little to no post-import configuration is required.

64-bit Windows support

A 64-bit version of MyEclipse is now available for users running 64-bit Windows. To install this version, choose 64-bit when prompted by the offline installer, or install a 64-bit version of Pulse and when provisioning MyEclipse, choose 64-bit.

Note: Due to technical constraints, the 64-bit version of MyEclipse on Windows will not include Visual Designers, the REST Explorer and JavaScript debugging. These features will be re-introduced in subsequent releases. Users can always choose to provision a 32-bit version of MyEclipse, even on 64-bit systems to retain access to all features.

Cocoa support

When installing on OS X Cocoa based systems, you now get the option of choosing between Carbon 32-bit, Cocoa 32-bit or Cocoa 64-bit.

Note: Due to technical constraints, the Cocoa installations of MyEclipse will not include Visual Designers, the REST Explorer and JavaScript debugging. Users can always choose to provision a Carbon version of MyEclipse, even on Cocoa systems, to retain access to all features.

JRebel for MyEclipse

With JRebel for MyEclipse, you can save time by seeing any changes made in your applications instantly, without the need to redeploy your application. MyEclipse 10 supports a special version of JRebel, tailor-made for MyEclipse users and projects.

For more information, vist the JRebel for MyEclipse site.

To learn more about the many MyEclipse features, browse the MyEclipse Learning Center.

2. Recent Enhancements and Fixes

Additional details for enhancements and bug fixes for MyEclipse 10.6 are identified in the following summary.

NOTE: Not all enhancements and fixes that went into MyEclipse are listed below. We try and cull the list down to ones that were reported in the forums to help visibility of fixes for effected customers. Internally we track 100s of fixes against any given release.

Work Completed in MyEclipse 10.6

IDEnhancements and FixesNotes
21415[Editors] EJB and ACP DD editor doesn't show all of fields
17660[Database] Exception when "Edit Data" is invoked of MySQL table's column
21405nchar data type is not supported in SQL results view
21584Hibernate 4.1.4 support
21593Wrong session bean name generating while creating "applicationContext.xml" for Hibernate 4.1 projects
21601Can't easily add plugins from Eclipse Marketplace to MyEclipseSee link for details
21670[JS] NPE while looking through file search matches in JSP files
21748[JS] Error logged in JS editor
21403Open JPA Diagram fails due to file path problemsSee link for details
20391Search flags wrong words in JSPSee link for details
21191Renaming a java method used within JSP file raises null pointer exceptionSee link for details
21305[Maven] Error 403 Forbidden, while trying to download index of
21331[Maven] EJB project not in Web project's dependency list for EAR projects created with Std maven configuration
21720[Maven] m2e activated by opening any XML fileSee link for details
21585'JavaScript Validator' error on project with latest jQuery mobile jsSee link for details
21482[JSF] Valid tag attributes for <h:graphicImage> are marked as errors

3. Getting Help

MyEclipse provides the following free technical support resources:

Commercial support options are also available from Genuitec.

4. License and OSS Information

MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 10.6 is a product of Genuitec, LLC and released under the Genuitec End User License (GEULA). This product includes open source modules. To view a list of the open source modules and their individual licenses see <install commons directory>com.genuitec.myeclipse.product/LICENSE directory. Click this link to access the public open source code used in MyEclipse.

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