New & Noteworthy

MyEclipse 2014 New and Noteworthy

When we finished with our second service release for MyEclipse 2013, we started working on a port to the Eclipse Kepler stream. When development was drawing to a close, calling the release “MyEclipse 2013 Kepler” was doing it a disservice; this release is much more than a port to Kepler and MyEclipse 2014 was more apt. Expecting a lot from 2014? You won’t be disappointed.

Quick Hits:

Java EE 7 Support


Better Cloud APIs - REST Web Services Improved

Mobile Tooling




Java 7

Mylyn  & EGit

Java EE 7 Support

MyEclipse 2014 introduces Java EE 7 support with new runtimes, libraries, wizards, API support and compliant application servers. Go ahead and use our project wizards to create applications based on Java EE 7; we include the libraries so you can immediately use the newer API in your applications.

New Web Project Wizard

Our deployment descriptor editors have all been updated to handle new namespaces as well as elements and attributes introduced in Java EE 7.

Java EE 7 web.xml Editor

JPA 2.1 support is available through the Eclipse 2.5.1 implementation.

EclipseLink Library Configuration

JSF 2.2 support is available through Mojarra 2.2.4

Adding JSF 2.2 Support

New server connectors that support development and deployment of Java EE 7 applications - Tomcat 8, Glassfish 4 and WildFly 8 are fully supported. Support for more servers is coming soon.

Servers View


For our Blue and Bling customers, we’ve added a WebSphere Liberty Profile connector allowing you to develop and deploy applications to this server with ease.

Liberty Profile Configuration

Much awaited editors for WebSphere descriptor files are finally here; we added fourteen new form-based editors for these files; you can get to these editors by simply opening existing files, from the deployment descriptor editors or from the project’s context menu. We’ve included screenshots of just a couple of them below.

Opening the WebSphere Descriptor Editors

ibm-web-bnd.xml Editor

ibm-application-bnd.xml Editor

Better Cloud APIs - REST Web Services Improved

MyEclipse has had several wizards that help you add and edit REST methods as well as a REST explorer that will allow you to test your REST services. What we didn’t have so far though, is the ability to actually generate REST services automatically. With 2014, you can generate REST facades from existing JPA entities with a click of a button. Simply bring up the context menu on existing entities, and click Expose via REST Web Service…

Invoking REST Facade Generation

REST Facade Generation Wizard

Generate REST Facade Code 

In future versions of MyEclipse, you will be able to generate REST facades directly from database tables.

Of course, as part of our Java EE 7 support, we also support JAX-RS 2.0 through Jersey version 2.4.1.

Jersey 2.4.1 Libraries

Mobile Tooling

With 2014, we’ve added the ability to customize your native apps for iOS7.

Mobile Build Config Editor

Remember you can create your apps using HTML 5 and build native apps for both Android and iOS using our Cordova/PhoneGap based native build technology - no tool chain setup required beyond MyEclipse.

Native App Build


We’ve updated our integration of Spring IDE and Spring Tool Suite. Besides dozens of bug fixes, this adds several new Spring capabilities to MyEclipse.

Form-based Spring Config Editor

New Web Flow Designer

Spring Data Support


As already stated, MyEclipse 2014 is based on the Eclipse Kepler release stream, version 4.3.1 to be exact. With 2013 we refrained from moving to Eclipse 4.2 due to several performance related issues in the base Eclipse platform, these have been corrected in Eclipse 4.3 and so with 2014 and we felt safe making the switch off good ol’ Eclipse 3. You now have access to Eclipse  goodness like detachable editors, the quick access toolbar, significantly better control over editors, views, perspectives and much more.


While a vanilla Kepler installation already looks better than Eclipse 3.x, we didn’t just stop there - we added theme support. 2014 includes a fresher “light blue” theme; take a quick look.

MyEclipse 2014 

Theme Control Preferences

If you prefer a dark editor background, you can do that too. More defaults are coming in our next release.

MyEclipse 2014 - High Contrast Editors

Our theme support is a combination of two cool Eclipse plugins, Eclipse Color Themes and Jeeeyul's Eclipse Themes.

Java 7

While MyEclipse has supported development in Java 7 prior to 2014, we did not bundle a Java 7 JDK with the distribution. 2014 includes JDK 1.7 update 45, so not only does MyEclipse run with this, it is also the workspace default JRE which you can use to compile your applications or run servers.

JDK 7 Libraries

The VisualVM profiler has also been updated to be based on a Java 1.7 series release and is now capable of profiling Java 7 applications.

VisualVM 1.3.6

Mylyn  & EGit

MyEclipse now includes Mylyn 3.9 and EGit 3.1 by default; you no longer need to manually install these popular pieces of software.

EGit Perspective

Mylyn Task Configuration

There you go, these are just a few of the “screenshottable” highlights of 2014, we’ve had hundreds of bug fixes and other improvements throughout the code base; take a look at our MyEclipse and Blue release notes.