Customer Testimonials

Clients around the world are singing the praises of MyEclipse. Following is a selection of our favorite raves.


"MyEclipse should be your Eclipse." – Software Development Times

"MyEclipse has significantly changed our workflow, allowing us to easily code, deploy, test and debug in a cycle that went from minutes to seconds." – Wayne Townsend-Merino, San Diego Supercomputer Center

"I personally have the greatest respect for what Genuitec has created in MyEclipseIDE. So when I saw the news that the innovators at Genuitec have managed to incorporate Matisse into Eclipse, I thought to myself, 'Of course it would be those guys, who else!'" – Rick Ross, Javalobby

"The MyEclipse interface is user-friendly, the features are solid and dependable, and the documentation is simple and clearly written." – D. Edward Bowen, Echelon Software Design, Inc.

"Genuitec's MyEclipse has taken the best that the Eclipse open source community has to offer, improved on it, and made it available at a screaming great deal." – Dave Oriss, CodeThought, Inc.

"The latest release of MyEclipse is simply fabulous. After toying around with the JavaScript editor, tears of joy almost sprang from my weary eyes." – Jin Chung, State-Street Global Link

"'s a testament to the usefulness of this kit that I had absolutely no hesitation in making the purchase as soon as I was in the office and online." – Benedict Poole, United Kingdom

"Your software is unbeatable. Your MyEclipse plugin offers the best Java EE/J2EE IDE I have ever seen. It's stable and it offers unlimited features to developers, screen designers and architects." – Werner IT Consulting, Germany

"I started using MyEclipse several years ago, and at first it was very good, but since then it has gotten much much better. It is really a full development tool, and with the addition of the DB Browser and the UML tools, it is really a tremendous bargain, mind-blowing in fact.", Ray Clough

"...MyEclipse is certainly one of the most useful tools which I have in my arsenal as a developer. Keep up the good work!" – Matt White, Fynn Consulting, Ltd.

"Genuitec's intimate knowledge of Eclipse plugin development is exactly what my company needed. As consultants, they took the guess work out of our Eclipse project and even delivered everything I requested a week early." – Bill McGrane, Metallect

"Genuitec supports their product like crazy with real people who know what they're doing and care about helping you solve your problems. You get a lot of value for that $29.95." – Rick Ross, Javalobby

"Your prompt response, helpful nature deserves lot more than $29.95."

"Whoever came up with the idea of MyEclipse is a genius. I previously wasted so much time evaluating plugins. Having someone do it for me is great."