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sgchance - Aug 18, 2008 - 07:35 PM
Post subject: MyEclipse XML Editor
I recently updated to MyEclipse 6.5. I removed the previous edition then installed the new one (on Windows XP). I no longer see multiple program options in my "Start -> Programs -> MyEclipse 6.5". I only see "MyEclipse 6.5" and "Uninstall". I (thought) I used to have multiple programs from which to select.

When "inside" MyEclipse, I see several programs when I select "Window -> Show Perspectives".

HOWEVER, I do NOT see an option/perspective for "MyEclipse XML Editor". Is this correct?

When I "manually" open XML file from within MyEclipse, I see the "XML" menu option at the top and the functionality seems to be available; but I thought I could open the XML editor as a stand alone program in the previous version.

When I right-click on an XML file from my file explorer, one of my choices is to "Open with MyEclipse XML Editor". But when I select that option it says nothing is associated.

Am I wrong? Did something change?

Thank you!
support-rkalla - Aug 19, 2008 - 05:56 PM
Post subject: RE: MyEclipse XML Editor

I (thought) I used to have multiple programs from which to select.

You did, sorry for the confusion. Those were our SNAP applications, unfortunately for the 6.5 dev cycle we had a shortened release time and were tight on resources so we didn't have a chance to port them. Management is currently re-considering them for inclusion back in the 7.x release train however. No firm decision yet on that (NOTE: These were quick-access applications for functionality that is all within the IDE, it wasn't extra functionality that was removed).

The current workaround is to keep MyEclipse 6.0.1 installed and you can keep using the SNAP applications when you want them and just fire up 6.5 when you want the full IDE.

Sorry for the confusion.
sgchance - Aug 19, 2008 - 06:52 PM
Post subject: MyEclipse XML Editor Reply
Thank you for the timely reply! Although it's not a big deal, it is indeed convenient. Hopefully management will return those features. If not, I still have the functionality - which is the main thing!

Thank you!
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