MyEclipse: OpenFailureException while deploying the ear (IWAE0037E)

victorbelo - Apr 21, 2012 - 10:23 PM
Post subject: OpenFailureException while deploying the ear (IWAE0037E)
I'm receiving the OpenFailureException exception during deployment (see bottom). I am using MEB 10.1 and deploying on WAS 7 fixpack 21. My app has 7 projects (one web module, one ejb), and an ear project. I'm testing in Classic mode, exploded. After this exception, the application is copied under installedApps but the deployment is not completed in the WAS server (WAS won't know about the app). MEB flags the deployment as redeploy with a warning.

After testing this on and off, I found that the OpenFailureException starts happening when redeploying while the server is running. In this case, you may receive an error message during redeployment due to fact that certain files can't be removed since they are being used by the server. After stopping the server, removing the deployment, and adding it back, the OpenFailureException exception occurs. As expected, when I receive this exception the ear file is not found in the Temp folder.

I'm still testing more, but this looks like a bug in my opinion. Once the deployment fails, MEB seems to invalidate the ear causing sucessive deployment failures (OpenFailureException exception). I noticed the deployment exception goes away when I select the option in the ear project "Automatic update application xml", and I don't touch the application.xml file after the failure, and finally I have to restart MEB once I get the exception the first time.

I'm still trying to isolate the issue more and more but I had cases in the past that I was not able to get around this exception.

I also noticed bugs with the option "Automatic update application xml" in the ear project, which doesn't work in my opinion (application.xml is never updated).
I noticed that MEB actually does something to the application.xml which removes the modules form the websphere application xml editor.
I tried with this option on or off (manual update on application.xml). No luck.

Other bugs I found are related to MEB not showing error decoration in the package/navigator view due to import or class not in the build path, after adding projects or java programs and cleaning all projects.

This is exception in the deployment log:
WASX7017E: Exception received while running file "C:\Program Files\MyEclipse Blue Edition\MyEclipse Blue Edition 10\Common\plugins\\installEAR.jacl"; exception information: [Root exception is org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.commonarchivecore.internal.exception.OpenFailureException: IWAE0037E Could not open C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxx\Local Settings\Temp\app8089866544447635945.ear]
org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.commonarchivecore.internal.exception.OpenFailureException: org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.commonarchivecore.internal.exception.OpenFailureException: IWAE0037E Could not open C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxx\Local Settings\Temp\app8089866544447635945.ear

Installation Details:
*** Date:
Sunday, April 22, 2012 11:57:13 PM CDT

** System properties:
OS version=5.1.0
Java version=1.6.0_13

*** MyEclipse details:
MyEclipse Blue Edition
Version: 10.1 Blue
Build id: 10.1-Blue-20120224 build5 26-Jan-12 07:28

*** Eclipse details:
MyEclipse Blue Edition

Version: 10.1 Blue
Build id: 10.1-Blue-20120224 build5 26-Jan-12 07:28

Eclipse startup command=-os
C:\Program Files\MyEclipse Blue Edition\MyEclipse Blue Edition 10\myeclipse-blue.exe
C:\Program Files\MyEclipse Blue Edition\MyEclipse Blue Edition 10\Common/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.i18n.win32.win32.x86_4.2.0.v201201111650\eclipse_4201.dll
C:\Program Files\MyEclipse Blue Edition\MyEclipse Blue Edition 10\Common/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.2.0.v20110502.jar
C:/Program Files/MyEclipse Blue Edition/MyEclipse Blue Edition 10
C:\Program Files\MyEclipse Blue Edition\MyEclipse Blue Edition 10\Common/binary/
support-denis - Apr 23, 2012 - 08:20 PM
Post subject:
Hello victorbelo,

Thank you for helping us to improve MyEclipse.

Is there any chance to get a test project for the redeployment bug? Can you reproduce the issue on a more simple projects?
What files are used by the server so undeployment fails? Libraries? If so, what modules do use that libraries and how the libraries are contributed to deployment archive?

Regarding application.xml setting and disappearing modules. Can you provide the steps to reproduce the issue?

Regarding error decorations bug. In what type of modules does this happen? Do I get it right that you import a project having a class inside that references another class being not on build path of this module. You clean the project, have the error visible in Java editor, but no error decoration in the file icon in Navigator view tree?

Best regards,
victorbelo - Apr 24, 2012 - 12:09 AM
Post subject:
You are correct about the error decoration issue. it happened to me when I imported a new project which depend on a class from a separate project (which had not been imported). I cleaned the project, excepting to see the problem in the Problems view, but nothing was reported in that view and in the Navigator/Package Explorer. Since I knew that class would not compile correctly with the other project I opened it up and I could see the errors in the class. I tried cleaning it again, but still no error in the Problems view.

I think the problem with the OpenFailureException exception could be related to a failed deployment. Today I had this exception in 2 projects, but they got solved after I restarted MEB. In both cases, a previous deployment failed due to problems trying to delete the application (file in use, or etc). When that happens, the application is not completely removed from WAS, and we need to stop the server to delete the deployment. Once the app is deleted, I get the OpenFailureException exception when I try to deploy it again. If you close MEB and then open it again, the problem goes away.
victorbelo - Apr 24, 2012 - 04:17 PM
Post subject:
Attached is a picture showing the error decoration in the code but not in the Package Explorer after the project was built/cleaned. The class highlighted is found in a project that was not imported into the workbench yet.
support-denis - Apr 25, 2012 - 05:32 PM
Post subject:

I am not seeing the red exclamation on the project's icon that should notify you that the project in question has errors in its buildpath. There is also no "the project can not be built until build path errors are resolved"... message in the Problems view. There is no EAR Libraries container in the project as well.
In what way the project in question does depend from a project or jar that contains unresolved package? (I do understand its not imported yet, just need more information to reproduce the issue).

Regarding OpenFailureException exception bug, to reproduce it we first need to reproduce deployment failure due to locked files. Such a deployment failure is a separate bug as well.
Can you provide me with a test project that makes deployment to failure or describe how I can create such a project? I suspect this can be caused by library jars locked by WAS, but there should be some special conditions as I cant reproduce it directly.

Best regards,
victorbelo - May 02, 2012 - 03:14 AM
Post subject:
I tried to reproduce these issues with a brand new and simple test workspace, but I was not able to. I'll have to try to remove my code from the workspace I'm having issues in order to send you a version that you can debug these problems.
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