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Matisse4MyEclipse Milestone-1 release is available for MyEclipse 4.x on the Windows platform.

If you want to install Matisse4MyEclipse Milestone-1 with MyEclipse 5.0 Milestone-1 please see this post instead:

Other Platforms:
Matisse4MyEclipse on Linux requires Eclipse 3.2 and will be available as part the upcoming MyEclipse 5.0 Milestone-1 release. Mac support is not available due to Eclipse bug 67384.

Overview of Features:
You can find out all about the features included and watch an example of Matisse4MyEclipse being used here:

Installation and Quickstart:
Installation Prerequisities:
-- Eclipse 3.1.2
-- MyEclipse 4.0.x-4.1.x release installed
-- MyEclipse Professional Subscription or MyEclipse 4.1.1 30-day free trial
Matisse4MyEclipse is installed through a MyEclipse update site. The installation and quickstart documentation is available at

Release Notes:
Please familiarize yourself with the Release Notes

Support and Feedback:
Comments and issues should be posted to the Matisse4MyEclipse Support Forum:

MyEclipse Support
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