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Post subject: Where is Render Kit Configured as ICEFacesRenderKit?  PostPosted: Nov 12, 2009 - 04:20 PM

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First of all a little background which wont seem too icefaces related but you will understand at the end of my message why i posted this here.

We recently purchased MyEclipse where I work and tried out Icefaces but did not like it. We ended up going with Richfaces instead. I have no problems setting up Richfaces at home using plain old eclipse.

At work where we use MyEclipse I went through the following:
To ensure there was no icefaces artifacts i uninstalled MyEclipse and removed the Genuitec directory altogether. I then installed MyEclipse and installed Richfaces on top of it (which was actually pretty easy and just a matter of dropping jar files). I had no problems with a rich dataTable but then tried adding a rich file upload which did not work (i can do the upload however my listener is never called). The file upload in question works at home using normal eclipse so i figure it is something that MyEclipse is doing/not doing. When i view the resulting source code of the file it has the following reference to icefaces even though i have NEVER installed it and i think that is why my file upload is not working. This reference to Icefaces is not there when all i have is a dataTable but is there when i add a simple file upload:

<input type="hidden" name="javax.faces.RenderKitId" value="ICEfacesRenderKit" />

Does anyone know where this is generated so i can at least have a directoion to go in? It seems this is somehow generated by MyEclipse as I have NEVER enabled icefaces on this installation. One thing i just started to notice today is its in there twice and if i remember correctly was in there only once yesterday (perhaps my replacing the jar files on the WEB-INF/lib made the 2nd one appear?)

Basically what it comes down to is if i cannot integrate Richfaces in there the issues with Icefaces taking control of the rendering means we will have to choose Richfaces over keeping MyEclipse within our organization. However I like MyEclipse and would like to figure this out. Unfortunately using icefaces is not an option as it is just does not work well for what we need it for compared to Richfaces.

If you need any further information please let me know. Thanks
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Post subject: RE: Where is Render Kit Configured as ICEFacesRenderKit?  PostPosted: Nov 16, 2009 - 07:01 PM
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MyEclipse does not provide designer support for RichFaces components, so if you are Drag and Dropping rich components off the palette onto your JSF page, chances are you are dragging them from the 'ICEfaces' portion of the palette and getting components like this generated.

You can hand-code your rich faces JSF pages and get validation, content assist, etc., but not designer support in MyEclipse.

MyEclipse Support
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