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I was following the JSF tutorial that you have included, but when I went to run my project, I got ah HTTP 402 error stating that the requeted resource (JSP) is not available. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :-)
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Can you answer few queries for me to get to the root cause?
1. Can you copy and paste your installation details? Open MyEclipse IDE, from menu options click on MyEclipse > Installation Summary > Installation Details.
2. What is the JSF tutorial you are referring to?
3. Are you sure it is HTTP 402 error? 402 error is not used - It is reserved for future use, this is pertaining to payment required. Can you clarify the error you see, is it 404, which is resource not found issue?
4. Can you look into your problems tab and check what is the error reported?
5. You can use the EOD's available in MyEclipse (provided you have used all-in-one installer / pulse for downloading MyEclipse)
6. From MyEclipse IDE, click on MyEclipse > Examples on Demand browser. This will open Examples on Demand browser. This will list out all the sample projects listed as EOD.
7. Click on [install project] to check-out the project to your package explorer.
8. Please go through README.txt which contains details of what this project comprises of and instruction on how to run.
9. If you are new to MyEclipse, I would recommend you go through the tutorials and white-papers listed here -

Let me know if this helps.


MyEclipse Support
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