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I have ME4S 10 and Weblogic 10.x. The simplified version of my workspace has a Java project for the midtier code, a dynamic web project for the web module, and an enterprise application project that contains the web module.

On my local Weblogic instance, I have a user domain that is set to auto-deploy in development mode.

The directory structure of my user domain looks something like this:


If I make some changes in the web project, the changes can be hot deployed to the server and tested right away without restarting the server.

However, if the changes are made in the midtier in the Java project, I have to go to "Server" view, right click my server and do "Redeploy/Reload application, which will create a new "midtier.jar" and drop it in the "autodeploy" folder under my user domain, which takes a significant amount of time. What this means is that each time when I make even just one line of code change in the midtier, I have to wait 10 minutes or more for redeployment to complete, until then can I restart the server and test my one line of change.

Obviously, this is very inefficient. My first choice is to be able to test the changes made in the midtier in the same way for testing the changes made in the web project without restarting the server. If this is not doable, my second best choice is to be able to simply restart the server and pick the changes right away without any redeployment.

I'd like to seek help to see if there's any configuration that can be done to allow me to realize the first choice or second choice. Thanks.
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