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Post subject: Javascript parser & memory problems  PostPosted: Mar 29, 2012 - 11:04 PM
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We are experiencing some problems with our MyEclipse environment recently and hope someone can shed some light on ways we can diagnose/solve our problem.


We create a new workspace and import our project from Subversion.
Some event will trigger MyEclipse to start consuming very large amounts of memory and processor. The memory will start at about 150meg and grow to about 1 gig (even if no action is done on the keyboard).
A restart of MyEclipse will not fix the problem. After a restart, the memory immediately starts to grow again making the environment unworkable within minutes.
Creating a new workspace will solve the problem for a while. MyEclipse will run fine for some un-determined length of time. Some developers start experiencing the problem after a few hours, and some will not experience for an extended period of time.
We have hooked up a Java Profiler to MyEclipse and our suspicion is with the JSModuleIndexer.index. We have turned off all validations but the problem continues to persist.

We have two suspicions:

1 – we have some very abnormal Javascript in one of our files.
2 – we have a JSP that is causing some recursive calls. (includeds that include an included file that links in some javascript – hope that is clear enough)


Is there some debug level that can be turned on to give insight to the problem?
Is there some know problem and work-around

Thanks for any help
We are running MyEclipse professional 8.6. Running with Windows vista (32 bit).

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Post subject:   PostPosted: Mar 30, 2012 - 06:29 AM

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Sorry that you are seeing this issue with MyEclipse.

Can you answer some more questions for us ?

1. Can you please share the installation details from MyEclipse > Installation Summary > Installation Details ? Paste them here for us.

2. Did you install any third party plugins? If yes please list them.

3. Can you check if the problem occurs only when you import this particular project or it happens immaterial of the project ?

4. What are the steps leading up the problem and are there associated errors in the .log file (in the .metadata folder of your workspace)?

5. We have fixed lot of memory and performance issues in our latest release. I suggest you install MyEclipse 10.1 to take advantage of it. You need not uninstall MyEclipse 8.6. You can install MyEclipse 10.1 to a different location. The license you hold is valid for 10.1 too as our licenses are time based and not version based.

You can download ME 10.1 from this link :

Alternatively you can use Pulse to install 10.1 version. Here is an FAQ for the same :
Choose "Eclipse 3.7-Indigo" and follow the FAQ.

6. Take a look at this FAQ on memory and performance issues:
Make changes to the myeclipse.ini as recommended. Also change the JS mode as suggested in the FAQ and check if it helps.

Let us know how it works for you.

MyEclipse Support
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