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We realize that not everyone is farmiliar with this forum system and there are certain formatting tags that can make posts drastically easier to read, but not everyone knows about them (nor should they). We wanted to put a quick reference post together that people would eyeball in 2 mins and get an idea of how to use these features to help make their posts easier to read (and easier to answer).

1. First thing to note is that most people use the "Quick Reply" box at the bottom of each thread to reply, but don't forget you can also click the "Post Reply" button below that to go to a full fledged editing screen for a new post. Both methods will post a message, one faster with less control and the other a little slower but with more control over the post's style.

2. When trying to quote something someone said and using the "Quick Reply" box, you can do this automatically by select the text with your cursor and then scrolling down under the text area and clicking the "Quote Selected" button.

If you need to quote manually all you need to do is surround the text you want to quote with quote blocks, like this:
[quote]<your text here>[/quote]

3. When trying to insert code into your posts, be sure to wrap the code with code blocks, like this:
[code]<your code here>[/code]

4. When trying to make something bold, you can use b blocks, like this:
[b]<bold text here>[/b]

5. When trying to insert an image, you can use img blocks, like this:

There are a few other handy block codes that can be used, we encourage you to use the "Post Reply" page to learn the REST and get a feel for them, then you can start typing them free hand in to the "Quick Reply" box to save time or use the shortcut buttons we provide for you underneath it.

Happy Posting!

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