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Version 4.0 GA for MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh for Eclipse 3.1 is now available in the Downloads section. Please see the area titled 'Downloads MyEclipse for Eclipse 3.1'.

If you already have one of our previous 4.0 milestones installed please see this link for update site information:

Please do not try to uninstall a milestone release and then install the 4.0GA release using the same Eclipse instance. This is known to cause problems. To avoid problems, you must install a new Eclipse instance and then install 4.0GA such that it points to the new instance, not one that was ever used for a 4.0 milestone release. Once you have 4.0GA installed, you can then open your existing workspace using the new install and then delete the old milestone installation at some later point in time.

To find out about all of the new addtions, please see the "Release Notes" document here:
and the "New & Noteworthy" document here:

To find out the differences between the Standard and Professional versions, please see this link:

You'll need a fresh Eclipse 3.1 SDK (final) installation and JDK 1.4.2_05+ or JDK 1.5 on Windows or Mac, and *only* JDK 1.5 on Linux.

MyEclipse Support
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