MyEclipse 2015 Pre-release Continuous Integration Stream

The new MyEclipse 2015 Continuous Integration Stream (CI) is in progress, and you can access exciting new features as they become available. Get MyEclipse built on Eclipse Luna now to take advantage of new features from Eclipse. In addition, experience updated server connectors, PhoneGap mobile project and build support, a new, comprehensive REST web services explorer, and other features designed to make your development tasks easier. Keep up with what's new by regularly checking the MyEclipse 2015 Continuous Integration Stream Delivery Log.

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Full Installer: ~ 1423mb
MD5: 1156bb2b0cf79d59ed75c9b5a2965c27
Online Installer: ~ 19mb
MD5: 6728476c108347f4f3c35dc63f8d0b55

MyEclipse 2015 CI 2014-07-11 (Windows)

The Windows All-in-One installer includes everything you need to get up and running with MyEclipse - no additional Eclipse installation required. Works with 32 and 64 bit installations.


Full Installer: ~ 1413mb
MD5: fd6c5523bba5dbab675d85cd201482ea
Online Installer: ~ 18mb
MD5: 8b0004c96ac927fa54f9e3f9f4714038

MyEclipse 2015 CI 2014-07-11 (Linux)

The Linux All-in-One installer supports common flavors of Linux, such as CentOS/RedHat, Ubuntu and Fedora. No additional Eclipse installations are required.


Full Installer: ~ 1266mb
MD5: d9e1d7ce5a698c45cd46c1e2740121ec
Online Installer: ~ 16mb
MD5: 6561e213cb529d28fc8bd6bee381672e

MyEclipse 2015 CI 2014-07-11 (Mac)

The Mac All-in-One installer includes everything a Mac developer needs to get up and running with MyEclipse. Compatible with Mac OS/X flavors only. No additional Eclipse installation required.