myEclipse 2.6

As a C# developer transitioning to Java and specifically J2EE, I found that Eclipse offered a quick ramp up in terms of IDE functionality. Since I was really looking for J2EE capabilities, I researched every available J2EE plugin for Eclipse. I have found that myEclipse far and away outperforms all others in ease-of-use, tight integration, and dependable, reliable development performance. Further, life-time updates delivered against a very aggressive development roadmap at just $29.95 represents phenomenal value.
When I began my research into myEclipse, I read all of the lofty proclaimations and the rationale for undertaking the project. I must admit that I generally find my initial skeptism is usually warranted. However in this case, I have found the bold statements and grand vision to be very consistent with the actual product. Nice job!

Added:  Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Reviewer:  Todd C. David
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