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MyEclipse Features

MyEclipse Web Services

MyEclipse includes enhanced support for Web Services. A Web Services project extends the MyEclipse Web Project to support additional web services configuration, development and deployment concerns. Features include:

  • RESTful Web Service wizards and explorers
  • Project and project creation wizard
  • Customizable library containers
  • New Web Services Wizard
  • Wizard to create Web Service Client from any WSDL file, local or remote (URL)
  • Deploy web-service web-app
  • Services .xml file editor
  • Java editor with JSR-181 annotation support and code-assist
  • WSDL editor
  • Web Services Explorer
  • Java hot-swap debug support & MyEclipse hot-sync web resource support for web services application
  • Quick-start documentation and example projects - will demo how to hook into MyEclipse database, Hibernate and Spring features for RAD experience

A tutorial is available showing the process for using MyEclipse web services feature-set to quickly develop and test a HelloWorld web serivce using a 'code-first' web service development strategy.

Screenshots of the MyEclipse Web Services support feature-set can be seen below.


New Project Wizard Launcher

XFire Library Selection

Web Services Wizard

Web Services Testing

RESTful Web Services

MyEclipse adds support for RESTful web service development in addition to already supporting SOAP web service development using JAX-WS and JAX-RPC. The REST features in MyEclipse are based on Jersey, which is the reference implementation for JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful Web Services.

Using MyEclipse, you can create, deploy, run and test RESTful web services without leaving the comfort of your IDE.

Create a new REST Web Service project in a couple of steps using our web service project wizard:

MyEclipse 7 includes Jersey 1.0 libraries:

Use the JAX-RS REST Method wizard to easily create REST web service methods:

Create RESTful resources from new or existing Java classes using our bottom up REST Web Service wizard:

MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 10 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: