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MyEclipse Database Explorer

Database browser, SQL editor, ERD Viewer, Specialized Oracle Connector, JDBC connection templates for all popular relational databases

MyEclipse is the premiere source for Eclipse-based database tools. By providing both out of the box functionality as well as compatability with today's most popular infrastructures, MyEclipse keeps your data in line and your mind at ease.  MyEclipse database tools provide industry-leading functionality, and showcase the following features or enhancements:

MyEclipse Database Explorer Perspective

This perspective presents an optimal layout of views and editors for database centric tasks. To open this perspective, select Window > Open Perspective > Other > MyEclipse Database Explorer.

MyEclipse Database Explorer perspective

JDBC Driver Management

The Database Explorer enables you to create, edit, delete and import and export JDBC drivers.

MyEclipse JDBC drivers used to connect to your database can be created from the DB Browser view.

Creating a new driver

Use the Database Driver wizard to quickly setup the driver using pre-installed driver templates. Use the Test Driver button to ensure supplied details are correct.

Database Driver wizard

You can choose to see all catalogs / schemata in your database or only a selected few.

Selecting schema

MyEclipse drivers may be imported either from a previously exported file or from an existing workspace.

Importing MyEclipse drivers

Use the Export and Import wizards to share driver definitions between workspaces and machines.

Exporting MyEclipse drivers

Database Explorer Views

The DB Browser view is the primary view from which DB tasks can be initiated. Database entities from all connected drivers will be displayed in this view.

DB Browser view

Available table actions

The DB Connection Info view displays database connection properties for the currently selected driver.

DB Connection Info view

The Table/Object Info view contains a structured display of all available data from the selected database entity.

Table/Object Info view

Use the Edit Data action to bring up an Edit table view for the selected table. Textual data can be edited in place.

Edit table view

Schema Creation Wizards

Use the Table Wizard to create new tables in the selected catalog / schema.

New Table wizard

New Column wizard

Use the Foreign Key wizard to create a new foreign key between selected tables.

New Foreign Key wizard

Use the Index wizard to create a new index on column(s) of a selected table.

New Index wizard

SQL Development and Testing

Open the SQL editor using the context menu on an open connection or simply double click an sql or ddl file.

Opening an SQL editor

The SQL editor will provide content assist based on currently selected connection. Multiple queries may be entered in the editor and executed successively.

SQL editor column content assist

SQL editor general content assist

Results are displayed in the SQL Results view; rows are fetched in configurable increments.

SQL Results view displaying first 100 results

Queries executed in the current session are recorded in the SQL History view.

SQL History view

Generate DDL for existing database entities using the Generate > DDL action invoked from the corresponding context menu.

Generate DDL action

Generated DDL

Entity Relationship Designer

Create an ER diagram by selecting the Create ER Diagram action on your catalog or schema. Select the set of tables you wish to include in the diagram and click Finish to create the diagram.

New ERD wizard

Tables can be added to an existing diagram by dragging and dropping them from the DB Browser view.

ER Diagram

Extended Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and Sybase features

MyEclipse professional subscribers have access to extended support for the above databases. For example, a list of supported Oracle entities can be seen below.

DB Browser view connected to an Oracle DB

Running an Oracle procedure

For More details on the extended support, please see the Extended Database Support Features page.


MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 4 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: