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MyEclipse Spring Tools

With Hibernate Tools integration

MyEclipse includes support for Spring Project Capabilities based on an enhanced version of the Spring IDE 2.2. The key features include:

  • New 'Add Spring Capabilities' wizard
  • Spring Framework 2.0.5 and all dependent libraries are shipped to support the 'Add Spring Capabilities' process
  • MyEclipse Spring Libraries
  • Enhanced Spring IDE features:
    • Bean View
    • Bean Graph View
    • Integrated MyEclipse XML editor default bean configuration editor
    • Bean file validation
    • 'S' character decoration for Spring enabled projects
    • Spring Framework Developer Manual
    • Spring IDE Developer Manual
    • New outline view
    • Hibernate Tools Integration


MyEclipse Spring - Libraries

MyEclipse Spring Tools include the full Spring Framework 2.0.5 core libraries and dependent libraries. They are packaged in the form of MyEclipse Libraries that can be added to any Java project's build-path during the Add Spring Capabilities process or from the project's build-path property sheet. The MyEclipse Spring Libraries are configured through MyEclipse preferences.

MyEclipse Spring - Add Spring Project Capabilities

To enable a project with Spring Capabilities, select the project and launch the 'Add Spring Capabilities' Wizard.

Select the MyEclipse Spring libraries that correspond to the level of Spring support your project will require.

Specify the path to an existing bean configuration file or select the New option and provide the location and name where the new file will be created by the wizard.

MyEclipse Spring - Project Properties

The MyEclipse-Spring project properties page enables the developer to identify the bean configuration files of the project.

MyEclipse Spring - Bean Config View and MyEclipse XML Editor integration

The Bean Configuration View provides a structured view of a project's Spring configuration file(s). Spring IDE has been enhanced to enable it to interact with the MyEclipse XML Editor. Dbl-click any bean or property in the Bean Configuration View and the MyEclipse XML Editor is opened and positioned to the corresponding line.

MyEclipse Spring - Bean Configuration Graph View

The Bean Configuration Graph View provides a graphical view of a project's Spring configuration file(s).

MyEclipse Spring - Help Documentation

MyEclipse bundles the Spring Framework Developer Manual and Spring IDE Help

Spring Beans Editor - New Grid Mode

The Spring Bean Editor has been extended with an XML grid mode.

New Outline View -Spring Bean Editor

The new Spring Bean Outline View has two modes: XML Mode and Spring Mode.

The Spring Mode is shown below and provides a structured view of each bean's structure. It associates distinct images with each element type to enable you to visually distinguish the type of element. Additional actions are available from the view menu to switch between modes and create new Spring bean definitions.

To edit an existing bean definition select it in the Spring Mode and choose the Edit option from the context-menu (right-click menu).

Spring Capabilities Wizard - Hibernate Tools Integration

The Spring Capabilities Wizard recognizes Hibernate enabled projects and provides an optional Hibernate Tools integration wizard page. This page, shown below, enables the creation of a Spring Hibernate SessionFactory bean definition that references the project's Hibernate configuration file through a 'configLocation' property.

Note: to avoid compilation errors ensure that your project includes the MyEclipse Spring ORM Library on the buildpath.

Drag-n-Drop Java Classes onto Spring Bean Editor

Create a new Spring bean definition by dragging and dropping a Java class from the Package Explorer view onto the Spring Bean Editor. This action will invoke the New Spring Bean Wizard prepopulated with the dropped classes as properties and constructor arguments. In the following screenshot the Person class was dropped on the editor.

New Spring Beans Wizard

The new Spring Beans Wizard enables you to create or edit an existing Spring bean definition. The wizard will provide code-assist for fields that require Java class and bean reference values. Upon completion of the wizard a Spring bean XML definition is created or updated in the Spring Bean Editor.

New Spring DataSource Wizard

The new Spring DataSource Wizard creates Spring DataSource bean definitions in the current Spring Bean Editor. The wizard accepts database connection details from either a Database Explorer connection profile or custom connection details. If a Database Explorer profile is selected, then you have the option to have the wizard copy the database profile's driver Jars into the project and add them to the project's buildpath.

New Spring Hibernate SessionFactory Wizard

The new Spring Hibernate SessionFactory Wizard creates SessionFactory bean definitions in the current Spring Bean Editor. The wizard accepts an optional DataSource Id value and the user may optionally create a configLocation property referencing an existing hibernate.cfg.xml file

MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 10 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: