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MyEclipse JPA (Java Persistence) Tools

Toplink :: Hibernate Implementations :: OpenJPA

Eclipse OR Tools: Libraries, Wizards, Java class/database mapping and velocity templates

This page presents an overview of JPA features available in MyEclipse (based on MyEclipse 6.0<).
To get a better feel for MyEclipse and to learn more about JPA or other features, please check out the MyEclipse Educational Materials.

JPA Project Configuration

Persistence Providers

MyEclipse provides support for the Toplink Essentials and Hibernate 3.2 JPA providers. Support for OpenJPA is planned.

Adding JPA Capabilities

Database Configuration

Create a persistence unit and associate your project with a database and schema for design-time tool support. The project in the next screenshot is being associated with the database driver for the local MyEclipse Derby database.

Configure the datasource

You may change a JPA project's database driver association at any time using the Java Persistence properties page. To invoke this page, right click on the project and select Properties from the context menu. From the Properties dialog shown below, expand the MyEclipse node and select Java Persistence.

Java Persistence properties page

Reverse Engineering Entities and DAOs from Database

Entity Generation

Initiate Entity generation from the context menu of a JPA project. This will launch the JPA Reverse Engineering Wizard.

Entity generation from JPA project

 Entity generation can also be initiated from the Database Browser view.

Entity generation from DB Table

The reverse engineering process is fully customizable. Using the JPA Reverse Engineering Wizard you can choose the artifacts to generate and the database tables from which the artifacts will be based.

Customize reverse engineering

Following are several sample snippets of the code generated by the Reverse Engineering Processor.

Sample snippets

Advanced Entity Editing Tools

MyEclipse Java Persistence Perspective

The MyEclipse Java Persistence Perspective provides an optimal editor and view layout for JPA oriented tasks.

MyEclipse Java Persistence perspective

JPA Details View

The JPA Details view makes it easy to edit entity annotations.

JPA Details view- Select table

JPA Details view - Edit detail

JPA Annotation Table and Column Content Assist

Table Content Assist

JPA annotation column content assist

JPA Entity Validation

Errors in your mapping are detected and displayed in the editor and problems view.

JPA validation errors shown in Java editor

The JPA Entity Validator can be enabled or disabled at the project level.

JPA Validation preferences

Advanced Spring-JPA Integration

Spring 2 Support

When adding JPA Capabilities to a project that already has Spring capabilities or vice versa, you can choose advanced Spring-JPA support. This level of support enables JPA tools to work with your project's Spring artifacts. Following is a screenshot of the Spring-JPA project configuration wizard.

Adding Spring Capabilities Wizard

Select your primary bean configuration file and customize bean Ids and transaction support.

Configure Spring-JPA support

Reverse Engineering Entities and Spring DAOs from Database

For projects that are configured to support advanced Spring-JPA capabilities, in addition to generating Entity classes from a database schema, Spring compatible DAOs can be generated. During the reverse-engineering process the Spring application context file is updated with generated bean entries for each DOA class.

Generate Spring DAOs.

Generated Spring application context file.

Generated Spring DAO extends from Spring's JpaDaoSupport.

MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 10 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: