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Application Server Connectors | Maven Update  | Screen Capture Updates

Server Connectors:

MyEclipse 8.5 adds support for several new connectors:

  • Glassfish 3
  • JBoss 6
  • Resin 4
  • Jetty 7
  • JOnAS 5
  • SpringSource tc Server
  • Java System Web Server 7
Screen Capture:

The following improvements have been made to screencapture support in MyEclipse 8.5.

  • Now works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 in addition to Windows XP.
  • Screenshots can be saved directly in the windows clipboard.
  • Optionally include your mouse cursor in the captured image.


Maven support has been significantly enhanced in MyEclipse 8.5:

  • Performance and stability improvements across the board for a much improved Maven experience.
  • Maven 3 used under the covers; significantly faster than Maven 2.
  • New Maven Repositories view allows you to manage repositories at several levels as well repository indices.