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MyEclipse 10.5: Deployment Enhancements

New Server Connectors: With MyEclipse 10.5, we've added support for several new connectors. WebLogic 11 and 12 connectors are now availalbe, while Blue users additionally get support for WebSphere 8.5 and WebSphere Community Edition 3.

tcServer Support: Our tc Server support has been enhanced and tested with the latest versions of tc Server.

Deployment: MyEclipse 10 introduces support for flexible deployment. To use this feature, enable Deployment Assembly based deployment on the MyEclipse > Deployment Assembly property page. Flexible deployment support allows you to map only a subset of your source folders, deploy to paths that don't exist within your workspace project and generally deviate from a fixed project structure where everything had to reside under your project's WebRoot folder. For enterprise projects, archive names and utility project deployment can also be controlled here.
  • Deployment Assembly
Additional support which will allow more control over libraries and dependent projects is coming in subsequent releases.
JBoss 7: Our new JBoss 7 connector allows you to start, stop, deploy and test projects against JBoss 7.