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MyEclipse 8.0 M1: Eclipse Galileo, Struts 2, Standalone Profiler
MyEclipse is proud to announce availability of the MyEclipse 8.0 Milestone 1 release. Built upon Eclipse 3.5/Galileo,  MyEclipse 8.0 delivers a standalone Java Profiler capable of profiling any Eclipse application or applet, Struts 2 support and more.

Download MyEclipse 8.0M1 here!

Along with all of these features, MyEclipse 8.0 is introduciong 'MyEclipse Lite,' the ability to uninstall functional modules from MyEclipse so you only load the plugins you need. Keep it slim and trim with this new capability!

Other key features included in the 8.0 M1 release are: MyEclipse Reports upgrade to BIRT 2.5, application server upgrades including Jetty 7.x and WTP project support.

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For Pulse users, MyEclipse 8.0 M1 is readily available. The release can be found in the Gaileo “Popular Profiles” area. for more on MyEclipse

Save $10K per year per developer with MyEclipse Blue
Recently, we’ve had customers asking how much money they might be able to save with MyEclipse Blue Edition over IBM Rational tools.

Of course, total cost of ownership of any tool will be unique to every business, but we're providing a rough example of money spent or saved over three years for consideration.

We're willing to bet your savings will be even greater than what we show here, as we don’t even get into extensibility, cross-compatibility, etc…

...more on Blue savings

Migrating from RAD to Blue: Free Resource
We're happy to provide curious companies with a free resource: a white paper on RAD tool migration.

The goal of this white paper is to explore and resolve common concerns and issues surrounding a migration of your development environment from IBM’s Rational Application Developer® (RAD) to MyEclipse Blue Edition from Genuitec. Why might a company choose to migrate their development tools? If the migration is decided upon, how would this be done easily and effectively?

This paper will answer these common types of questions, as well as explore any intangibles that may arise during the decision and implementation process.

(click to view white paper)

...get the white paper

Webinar: Managing Application Security with Pulse
The latest Webinar in the Genuitec series is now available for archived viewing. The current version: managing application security with Pulse.

Security of your applications is, of course, paramount. but with more advanced languages and ever-complex usage patterns, it's becoming harder and harder to plug every hole. How can you be protected from hackers? How will you be notified if a developer's environment has been compromised?

These questions and more are answered for you, as we explore the possiblities with Pulse Private Label. to view or download the archive

MobiOne Released With Multi-Touch Support
Create App Store-ready Mobile Web Applications, Experience True Device Behavior on Windows!

Try MobiOne Developer today for free!

We believe an integral activity of agile, mobile Web development is rapid testing and evaluation. To that end, MobiOne now provides iPhone and Palm Pre emulation through its “TruView” virtual mobile Web technology. In M4, the MobiOne team has added advanced multi-touch and gesture support to the iPhone emulator experience. This means that developers can re-create the exact behaviors of an iPhone to write mobile applications that respond to the device touch screen.

Try MobiOne today and see how you can leverage your Web development skills to build successful mobile applications.

...more on MobiOne

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We'd like to invite you to chat it up with our Facebook group, follow our tweets on Twitter, or join our group on LinkedIn.

MyEclipse Blog has a New Location
We've consolidated all of our Blogs under the Genuitec banner! Now, you have a one-stop place to keep track of MyEclipse, MyEclipse Blue Edition, Pulse and MobiOne.

But what if you're only interested in one product and don't want to follow anything else? No problem. You can subscribe to a feed that gives you only your favorite or everything we do. It's up to you.

Happy reading! to visit the blog

MyEclipse on eBay!

Genuitec is hiring!

"MyEclipse has significantly changed our workflow, allowing us to easily code, deploy, test and debug in a cycle that went from minutes to seconds."
  :: W. Townsend-Marino, San Diego Supercomputer Center
"It's a testament to the usefulness of this kit that I had absolutely no hesitation in making the purchase as soon as I was in the office and online."   :: Benedict Poole, United Kingdom
"The MyEclipse interface is user-friendly, the features are solid and dependable, and the documentation is simple and clearly written."
  :: D. Edward Bowen, Echelon Software Design, Inc.
"Your IDE seems to be a really nice combination of best of breed plugins out there. Keep up the good work!"
  :: J. Rylander, United States
"Genuitec's MyEclipse has taken the best that the Eclipse open source community has to offer, improved on it, and made it available at a screaming great deal."   :: Dave Oriss, CodeThought, Inc.

"The latest release of MyEclipse is simply fabulous. After toying around with the JavaScript editor, tears of joy almost sprang from my weary eyes."   :: Jin Chung, State-Street - Global Link


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