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MyEclipse 8.5 M1: New Collaboration Dashboard
MyEclipse is proud to announce availability of the MyEclipse 8.5 Milestone 1 release. Built upon Eclipse 3.5.1/Galileo,  MyEclipse 8.5 M1 delivers a new collaboration and software management dashboard. Additionally, improvements have been made over the 8.0 release, including upgrades to the standalone Java Profiler, UML 2, Struts 2 and more.

Download 8.5 M1 here!

The power of MyEclipse 8.5 M1 lays in its unified dashboard that gives users a sleek, clutter-free environment to operate in. Technologists will see all their software, workspaces, team changes, pending events from the easy user interface.

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For Pulse users, MyEclipse 8.5 M1 is readily available. The release can be found in the Gaileo “Popular Profiles” area. for more on MyEclipse

Save $10K per year per developer with MyEclipse Blue
Recently, we’ve had customers asking how much money they might be able to save with MyEclipse Blue Edition over IBM Rational tools.

Of course, total cost of ownership of any tool will be unique to every business, but we're providing a rough example of money spent or saved over three years for consideration.

We're willing to bet your savings will be even greater than what we show here, as we don’t even get into extensibility, etc…

...more on Blue savings

Free Webinar:
MyEclipse for Spring

This webinar will introduce you to the new "MyEclipse for Spring" product from Genuitec and Skyway Software.

Register for the Webinar
January 28
11am CST (UTC-6)

introductory video

Targeted for production release in Q1 of 2010, MyEclipse for Spring is a set of accelerators for Spring development.

Get started with Spring, generate all of the architecture you need to get going, and then customize your projects - all in minutes, not days.

What does that really look like? We will be covering the following technical topics and concepts:

* Spring MVC Scaffolding: Quickly generate Spring MVC CRUD applications from database tables, POJOs and JPA entities

* Spring Project Bootstrapping: Automatically create Spring configuration files and add Java libraries and web resources

* Enhanced Spring Development Editors: Simplified configuration of Services, Controllers and Spring Web Flow

Participants will be given the option to participate in a free, early-access program.


Free Webinar: Building an Enterprise Tool Stack
This webinar focuses on how users of Genuitec technologies can go from "zero to hero" with their enterprise tooling story without the need for IBM tools, expensive processes or headaches.

Are currently using RAD, Jazz or both? Want to know how you could insulate yourself from high costs and get your whole team on alternate technologies in minutes?

This is the spot for you.


Pulse 3: ALM Solutions to Rival IBM's Jazz
From Paul Krill @ InfoWorld...

Genuitec released earlier this month version 3.0 of its Pulse software lifecycle management product and is suggesting it as a possible enterprise-level replacement for IBM's Jazz application lifecycle management technologies.

Available now, Pulse is a general purpose software management system geared toward software projects being built using Eclipse tools. Version 3.0 features a dashboard enabling developers, systems engineers, and architects to synchronize the process of software development and delivery, Genuitec said.

The release introduces a capability for authorized team members to contribute to one or more projects that are standardized and shared...

...more from InfoWorld

...Pulse 3.0 press release

...3.0 New & Noteworthy

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MobiOne M6 Released
MobiOne is Genuitec's rapidly-evolving Mobile Web IDE.

Currently in its free milestone stage, MobiOne offers marketers and developers access to the world's leading iPhone and Palm Pre emulators, as well as a new, intuitive drag-and-drop designer for mobile Web design mockup and collaboration.

Try MobiOne for free to see MobiOne M6

Genuitec is hiring!

"MyEclipse has significantly changed our workflow, allowing us to easily code, deploy, test and debug in a cycle that went from minutes to seconds."
  :: W. Townsend-Marino, San Diego Supercomputer Center
"It's a testament to the usefulness of this kit that I had absolutely no hesitation in making the purchase as soon as I was in the office and online."   :: Benedict Poole, United Kingdom
"The MyEclipse interface is user-friendly, the features are solid and dependable, and the documentation is simple and clearly written."
  :: D. Edward Bowen, Echelon Software Design, Inc.
"Your IDE seems to be a really nice combination of best of breed plugins out there. Keep up the good work!"
  :: J. Rylander, United States
"Genuitec's MyEclipse has taken the best that the Eclipse open source community has to offer, improved on it, and made it available at a screaming great deal."   :: Dave Oriss, CodeThought, Inc.

"The latest release of MyEclipse is simply fabulous. After toying around with the JavaScript editor, tears of joy almost sprang from my weary eyes."   :: Jin Chung, State-Street - Global Link

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