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MyEclipse 9.0 M2: HTML5 & JavaEE 6
We're pleased to announce the second milestone release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 9.0. Headlining the feature upgrades, the newest release is built to support enterprises that utilize HTML5 and JavaEE 6 standards.

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Additionally in this release, you'll find upgrades for JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0, EclipseLink 2.1 and OpenJPA 2.0.

Users will also now have the option to download full installers for MyEclipse, or utilize an installer bootstrap that will allow you to customize and manage your download. You'll have ultimate control over your initial download size and contents.

As a reminder from milestone 1... if you use Windows, you can now build 64-bit applications.

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For Pulse users, MyEclipse 9.0 M2 is readily available. The release can be found in the Helios “Popular Profiles” area. to get MyEclipse

MyEclipse for Spring: Still 50 Percent Off!
Skyway and Genuitec are extremely excited to continue a popular promotion first instituted with the release of MyEclipse for Spring: STS Edition.

STS developers now have the option of installing the core MyEclipse for Spring capabilities directly into STS as a value-added plug-in.

Due to popular demand, MyEclipse for Spring is still only $99 per user for a limited time - a license discount of about 50 percent!

Enjoy all the functionality of MyEclipse Professional, plus:

  • Spring Project Bootstrapping
  • Scaffolding Wizards for Spring MVC, GWT, Adobe Flex, Spring Web Flow, Google App Engine and iPhone
  • Spring Security Wizards
  • Spring Services from WSDL
  • Spring Code Assistants
  • Much more!

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...try MyEclipse for Spring

We're Hiring!
Genuitec is growing rapidly, and has immediate openings for:

  • MobiOne Team Leads
  • MyEclipse Developers
  • QA Engineers

  • Genuitec offers its global work force 100 percent "work from home" opportunities - no relocation required.

    Please send your resume/CV to

    ...send us your resume/CV

    Top Industry News from InfoQ

    Josh Bloch on Java
    and Programming

    Google’s Bloch shares his views on the open-source Java landscape as well as on the future of the Java language.

    Martin Odersky on the
    Future of Scala

    The creator of the Scala language talks about work on the next version and how the functionalities in the JVM help make Scala better.

    Hudson Moves Away
    From Oracle

    The Hudson developer community has moved Hudson's source code away from Oracle controlled source infrastructure, and is considering a fork. to visit InfoQ

    Genuitec is hiring!

    "MyEclipse has significantly changed our workflow, allowing us to easily code, deploy, test and debug in a cycle that went from minutes to seconds."
      :: W. Townsend-Marino, San Diego Supercomputer Center
    "It's a testament to the usefulness of this kit that I had absolutely no hesitation in making the purchase as soon as I was in the office and online."   :: Benedict Poole, United Kingdom
    "The MyEclipse interface is user-friendly, the features are solid and dependable, and the documentation is simple and clearly written."
      :: D. Edward Bowen, Echelon Software Design, Inc.
    "Your IDE seems to be a really nice combination of best of breed plugins out there. Keep up the good work!"
      :: J. Rylander, United States
    "Genuitec's MyEclipse has taken the best that the Eclipse open source community has to offer, improved on it, and made it available at a screaming great deal."   :: Dave Oriss, CodeThought, Inc.

    "The latest release of MyEclipse is simply fabulous. After toying around with the JavaScript editor, tears of joy almost sprang from my weary eyes."   :: Jin Chung, State-Street - Global Link

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