MyEclipse for Spring (ME4S) is a collection of the best Eclipse-powered development tools for Spring developers. It's comprised of many Spring-specific editors & wizards, an integrated Spring sandbox, an extensive set of code generation functions, Genuitec added rapid Spring project bootstrapping, and rich annotation editors, multi-page editors, auto-scaffolding plus more. Don't waste time getting your projects started, ME4S does it for you.

Spring Tools

ME4S incorporates a suite of Spring-specific add-ons for Eclipse, including bean wizards, bean editors, Spring configuration editors, Spring Web Flow editors, content assist, refactoring support, project validation, Spring DSL, and bean dependency graphs.

"We use these tools everyday, and couldn't
live without them"
- ME4S survey

Integrated Spring Sandbox

ME4S provides an integrated Spring development sandbox comprising of Apache Tomcat and Apache Derby.

Apache Tomcat is the most commonly used application server for Spring web applications, and it's available in ME4S with zero setup required. The Apache Tomcat server and server adapter are preconfigured and ready-to-go. ME4S also ships with server adapters for many other application servers, including Glassfish, JBoss, Jetty, tcServer, Oracle, Weblogic, WebSphere and others.

Apache Derby is a popular open-source database management system that's integrated with ME4S to provide developers immediate access to a database. The Derby DBMS, Derby database connector and Derby JDBC driver are preconfigured and ready-to-go in the developer sandbox. There's no additional setup required, and ME4S even ships with several sample databases.

Code Generation

One of the goals of ME4S is to help developers produce the software components they need as quickly as possible. Code generation is the means to that goal, and ME4S offers the richest set of code generation options available anywhere. ME4S can generate software components for Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, REST, JAX-WS, Adobe Flex, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), iPhone w/ iWebKit, JPA, DAO and JSF 2.0/Primefaces. The ME4S code generation functions are so extensive that, if so desired, ME4S can generate all the required software components to produce complete ready-to-run applications. This is great for learning new technologies and rapid prototyping.

"MyEclipse for Spring Iets me generate my own sample projects using my own data model. Brilliant!!" - ME4S survey

"About 60% of the code for our new Spring app was generated, and it took us less than 1 day." - ME4S survey

The software components are generated according to modern best practices and they can be easily maintained using a wide-range of tools available in ME4S. The code generation templates are implemented using an open standard template language, and they can be easily enhanced, packaged and re-distributed by ME4S end-users.

Spring Project Bootstrapping

One of the chores of starting a new Spring development project is getting the project configured and getting a set of compatible Java libraries in place. The ME4S project bootstrapping function turns this into a trivial task, and it works for both native Eclipse and Maven-based projects. Adding Java libraries to a project is just matter of selecting the desired library groups from the ME4S wizards.

"It's so nice not to be hunting for compatible bundles of Java libraries." - ME4S survey

  • AOP Alliance 1.0 Library
  • Apache Commons BeanUtil 1.8.3 Library
  • Apache Commons DBCO 1.3 Libraries
  • Apache Commons IO 1.4 Library
  • Apache Commons Lang 2.5 Library
  • Atomikos 2.6.4 Library
  • CXF 2.1.9 Libraries
  • CXF 2.1.9 Support Libraries
  • DWR 2.0.5 Libraries
  • Derby Client Libraries
  • Expression Language 2.2 Libraries
  • Flex & BlazeDS Libraries
  • Google Gin 1.0 Library
  • Google Guice 3.0 Library
  • Hibernate Core 3.5 Libraries
  • JSON API Library
  • Jackson 1.6 Libraries
  • JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) 1.2
  • Logging 1.5.10 Libraries
  • Mojarra (JSF Reference Implementation) 2.0.3 Libraries
  • Postgres JDBC 8.3 Libraries
  • PrimeFaces (JSF) 2.1 Libraries
  • SiteMesh 2.4 Libraries
  • Spring Core 3 Libraries
  • Spring Flex Libraries
  • Spring MVC 3 Libraries
  • Spring Security 3.0.5 Libraries
  • Spring Web Flow 2 Libraries
  • Validation 1.0 Library


For native Eclipse projects the Java libraries are added into projects directly or using classpath containers. In the case of Maven-based projects, the appropriate repository and dependency entries are added to the Maven POM file.

Annotation Editors

ME4S delivers a set of rich annotation editors to help developers maintain Spring, JAX-WS and JPA software components. Annotation-based development is becoming more prevalent. Content assist does a reasonable job in helping developers configure specific annotations; however, code editors are insufficient at helping developers understand which annotations are available for a specific technology and applicable in a given context. The ME4S annotation editors work as a companion to the Eclipse Java editor, and changes made in the annotation editor are immediately reflected in the Java code editor. It guides a developer in the valid use of the broad set of available annotations, and it provides quick access to annotation references.

"I wish we had discovered the Spring
annotation editors sooner."
- ME4S survey

MyEclipse for Spring is now specially priced at US $149.95 for an annual license. This means that existing MyEclipse Pro users can now upgrade to MyEclipse for Spring for about $86. Get your free 30-day trial of ME4S by clicking here.