Frequently Asked Questions - Tool Comparison

How does MyEclipse for Spring compare to Spring Roo?

While Spring Roo is a text-based tool that can be invoked from within Spring Tool Suite (STS), MyEclipse for Spring is an end-to-end IDE solution with powerful editors and intuitive, wizard-based capabilities. MyEclipse for Spring provides deeper integration with Eclipse tooling (i.e. data sources, server deployment, etc), and developers have access to all of the features of MyEclipse Professional.

Comparison of Key Technical Differences:

  MyEclipse for Spring Spring Roo
Environment Optimized Eclipse Editors & Wizards Scripting via
Command Line Interface
Version Support Spring 2.5
Spring 3.0
Spring 3.0
Application Patterns Controller, Service
Domain & DAO
Domain Driven Design
(Aspects & Weaving,
No Services & DAOs)
Build Automation Maven
Native Eclipse/WTP
Scaffolding Input JPA Entities
Java Beans
JPA Entities
Java Beans
Database (Early Access)
Scaffolding Output Spring MVC
Adobe Flex
Spring Web Flow
iPhone Web
Spring Security (DB, LDAP & In-Memory)
Spring MVC
GWT (Early Access)
Adobe Flex (Early Access)
Spring Security (Partial)
Extensibility Templates for all files (jsp pages, generated java classes & static web content)
Uses Eclipse JET
Templates for jsp pages
Code extensions to Roo

How does the Google App Engine support in MyEclipse for Spring compare to Spring Roo?

Included in the MyEclipse for Spring 8.6.1 release is support for Google App Engine (GAE), allowing users to quickly scaffold applications for GAE and streamlining deployment to the Google Cloud. The following table outlines some of the key differences in GAE support across the two tools:

Comparison of Key Differences:

MyEclipse for Spring Spring Roo
  • Automatic detection and configuration for Google Projects
  • Support for Maven and Native Eclipse/WTP Projects
  • Support for Spring 2.5 or Spring 3.0
  • Support for current GA version of GWT for full Google stack
  • Point and Click wizard-driven interface
  • Use command shell to configure projects for GAE
  • Support for Maven Projects only
  • Support for Spring 3.0 only
  • Support for Milestone version of GWT only
  • Command shell UI

    How does MyEclipse for Spring compare with MyEclipse Blue?

    MyEclipse for Spring is similar to MyEclipse Blue in that it is designed for a specific, focused market. However, they are two separate products. Blue is focused on WebSphere development with more traditional Java EE technologies, and MyEclipse for Spring is focused on Spring development on any platform.