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Eclipse Struts Editor / Modeler

Multi-page custom editor for Struts configuration files that shows a text view (with code assist) and a graphical flow viewer. Main features include:

  • Custom Struts outline viewer with several wizards to automate development. Colorized nodes, resizable and repositionable nodes, customizable flow connection routing, and auto-layout algorithm
  • Advanced Struts configuration editor provides a synchronized XML source view with syntax coloring and smart code completion, interactive outline view, and graphical flow-view.
  • Integrated XML source editing with code completion and validation.
  • Struts JSP Templates - Use MyEclipse templates when creating JSPs pre-configured to use Struts taglibs.
  • Add Struts (1.0 or 1.1) project capabilities to any MyEclipse Web project. The process automatically populates a web project with Struts libraries, taglibs, and Struts XML configuration, and updates web.xml.
  • Struts 1.0 and 1.1 Wizard-driven generation of Struts configuration elements and their corresponding Java, web.xml entries, and JSP code. Create Modules, Actions, Forms, Forwards, Exceptions, DataSources, MessageResources, and Plugin entries.
  • Special workflow wizard to create Form, Action, and JSP entities in one easy step.
  • Allow specification of custom superclass or an existing class/superclass.
  • Bundled Struts 1.1 Jars and TLDs


Add Struts Capabilities to Web Project

Take an existing MyEclipse Web project and add Struts capabilities. MyEclipse supports Struts 1.0 and 1.1. All supporting Struts libraries, taglibs, and Struts XML configuration files will be automatically added into your project.

Struts Configuration Editor

Easily edit the Struts XML configuration file using the MyEclipse Struts editor. Access new Struts Wizards from the Outline View of the MyEclipse Struts editor.

MyEclipse Struts Features
  • Struts Flow view
  • Struts Module Wizard
  • New FormBean andAction Wizard
  • New FormBean Wizard
  • New Action Wizard
  • JSP template using Struts
  • Struts Forward Wizard
  • Struts Exception Wizard
  • Struts Datasource Wizard
  • Struts Global Forward Wizard

Visual Struts Modeler

The Struts Flow Modeler extends the StrutsConfigEditor with a fast graphical editor for the design of Struts web application screen and action flows.

Key features include:
  • Design and edit web flows as directed graphs composed of web resources and Struts Actions and Forwards
  • Drag-n-drop creation of new flow elements such as actions, forwards, and web documents (JSPs, HTML, XML, ...) from modeler palette
  • Drag-n-Drop existing JSP, HTML, XML, and other resources from Navigator and PackageExplorer views onto the modeling surface
  • Bidirectional synchronization of flow definitions and their corresponding struts-config.xml source elements
  • Integrated editors for each editing node type
  • Integrated panning overview provides thumbnail of model and easy positioning of viewport in large diagrams
  • Grid and Snap-to-grid alignment functionality
  • Zooming
  • Reconnectable connections
  • Auto and manual connection routing
  • Undo/redo edit actions
  • Fly-over text for nodes and labeled connections assist when working with zoomed out models
Features under development for MyEclipse 3.8 GA release include:
  • Restyled nodes
  • Preferences for setting color of each node type
  • User sizeable grid and grid color
  • Improved connection and routing model
  • Dbl-click access to Struts element wizard-editors

Custom Connection Routing
The Struts Flow Modeler will initially auto-layout connections between nodes as they are created by their respective wizards. Manual node repositioning and connection routing are available through direct manipulation of the selected element. The following diagram illustrates a node being resized with snap-to-grid enabled.

Connection routes maybe manually modified by selecting the connection (in red) and then repositioning any segment of the connection dragging a bend-point with a mouse.

Struts Model and SourceSynchronization
The StrutsConfigEditor keeps the configuration's XML source and the flow model synchronized. As you move between source and model views the editor dynamically reconciles all changes between the respective modes.

Struts Module Wizard

Add a new Struts module to your Web Application from the new File menu. Easily extend and modularize you Web project by using MyEclipse New Struts module wizard.

Struts Form Wizard

Create a new Struts FormBean from the Struts Configuration Editor outline view using the context menu on the form-beans item.

Struts Action Wizard

Open the MyEclipse Struts editor and use the context menu on the Action-Mapping node to create a new Struts Action using a MyEclipse wizard.

Struts Forward Wizard

Use a MyEclipse wizard to create a new Struts Forward Declaration. Access the Forward Wizard from the Struts configuration editor outline view using the context-menu on the global-forwards item.

JSP Templates using Struts

Use MyEclipse templates for creating JSPs that use Struts taglibs. Access the new JSP wizard from the menu: File > New > JSP or the New File button on the main tool bar.

MyEclipse Innovations

The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 2 million downloads, our MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench product has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our long chain of Eclipse technology innovation includes: