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What’s New?
MyEclipse version: 8.0
Updated: November.23.09

IE Debugger
 • debug in real time
 • Internet Explorer 6/7/8

Struts 2 Support
 • for any Web project
 • helpful content-assist

Java Profiler
 • profile Eclipse plugins
 • streamlined interface
 • available standalone

WTP Project Support
 • easy import
 • helpful wizards

 • from JAR and XMI
 • easy export

MyEclipse 8.0: World's First
Remote IE Debugger

Debug deployed applications in real time for Internet Explorer versions six,seven, and eight. Latest release also includes native support for WTP projects and enhancements to Struts 2 and UML 2

Genuitec has announced the release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 8.0. The latest release is built on top of the brand new Eclipse Galileo version 3.5.1 and delivers the world's first debugger for Internet Explorer (IE) versions six, seven and eight that can remotely debug deployed applications. MyEclipse 8.0 now also supports Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) projects so that enterprises standardized on WTP are compliant with corporate regulations while utilizing the power of MyEclipse.

"MyEclipse users get overwhelming value with the addition of our Internet Explorer debugger and VisualVM Java Profiler...

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Other recent enhancements
MyEclipse Lite
    • Streamline the IDE
    • Manage MyEclipse Modules

Application Server Upgrades
    • Jetty 7.x
    • Sun App Server 9.1

Standalone Features
    • Database Tooling
    • UML Tools
    • Profiler
    • Matisse4MyEclipse

Launch Configurations
    • custom configurations
    • simple preferences

MyEclipse Reports
    • upgraded BIRT 2.5.1
    • formatting upgrades

"Let's be logical: MyEclipse is insanely affordable."
- real customer quote