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What’s New?
MyEclipse version: 8.6.1
Updated: Nov.17.2010

Overall Enhancements
 • Tomcat 7
 • Rev engineering updates
 • Custom archive names
 • Jersey update

Struts 2 Visual Design
 • Graphical Editor
 • Visual Flow
 • Struts Validation

Blue Edition
 • App Client Projects
 • Reliability improvements
 • WebSphere 7 enhanced

JavaScript Tooling
 • Support for OOP
 • Speed improvements
 • JQuery support

Java Profiler
 • Profile Eclipse plugins
 • Streamlined interface
 • Available standalone

MyEclipse 8.6.1: JavaScript Devs Smarter,
Application Management Simpler

Production release gives users unmatched flexibility and speed in creating and deploying applications

Genuitec has announced the production release of MyEclipse 8.6.1. The latest release provides developers with unmatched speed and flexibility in the generation of production-ready JavaScript code, new Struts 2 graphical editing support & validation and, for MyEclipse Blue customers, extra WebSphere power with new Application Client Project support.

New for MyEclipse 8.6, JavaScript developers will discover that the MyEclipse tool suite has been enhanced to provide faster and smarter development through intelligent content-assist, validation, and inbuilt support for prototype, jQuery and more. The enhanced support allows developers...

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Other recent enhancements
JSF Improvements
    • improved content assist
    • JSP validator
    • ICEfaces upgrades

Application Server Upgrades
    • JBoss 6
    • Tomcat 7
    • Glassfish 3
    • SpringSource tc Server

Screen Capture Update
    • easy screen grabs
    • updated to work on Windows 7

Launch Configurations
    • custom configurations
    • simple preferences

UML 2 Support
    • from jar and XMI
    • easy export

"Let's be logical: MyEclipse is insanely affordable."
- real customer quote