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What’s New?
MyEclipse version: 9.1
Updated: July.05.2011

Overall Enhancements
 • HTML 5 support
 • Windows 64-bit
 • ICEfaces 2

JavaEE 6 Support
 • JSF 2, JPA 2
 • JAX RS 1.1
 • JEE6 App Projects

Blue Edition
 • Instant Deployment
 • EJB Deploy Tool
 • DB2 support
 • Portal 7, WAS 8

Enhanced JPA
 • EclipseLink 2.1
 • Open JPA 2.0
 • DALI 2.3

Struts 2
 • Graphical Editor updates
 • Validation capabilities

MyEclipse 9.1: Lose Your Job
for Choosing Anything Else

Blue Edition includes new In-Workspace mode to deploy projects to WebSphere® in mere seconds

We're happy to announce the immediate availability of MyEclipse Workbench Enterprise Edition 9.1, MyEclipse Blue Edition 9.1, MyEclipse Bling 9.1 and MyEclipse for Spring 9.1. Specifically, MyEclipse Blue Edition is the smartest and most useful developer tool stack on the market for enterprises needing the power of IBM®-centric technologies without the costs, vendor lock-in or weight of legacy solutions.

For MyEclipse Blue users (a clear alternative to IBM Rational® at only US $160 annually), a new In-Workspace technology dramatically reduces project deployment time down to a few seconds and is designed to synchronize the resources and code that is handled by WebSphere® directly. This mode is most appropriate for rapid application

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Other recent updates
JSF Improvements
    • improved content assist
    • JSP validator
    • ICEfaces upgrades

Application Server Upgrades
    • JBoss 6
    • Tomcat 7
    • Glassfish 3
    • SpringSource tc Server

Screen Capture Update
    • easy screen grabs
    • updated to work on Windows 7

Launch Configurations
    • custom configurations
    • simple preferences

UML 2 Support
    • from jar and XMI
    • easy export

"Let's be logical: MyEclipse is insanely affordable."
- real customer quote