MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench Release Notes

MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 2013 SR2
Release Notes

September 5, 2013


  1. What's New in MyEclipse 2013 SR2 - A Quick Flyover
  2. Additional Enhancement / Fix Details for 2013 SR2
  3. Getting Help
  4. License and OSS Information

1. What's New in MyEclipse 2013 SR2 - A Quick Flyover

MyEclipse 2013 is a full featured, modular IDE for enterprise Java and web developers.

MyEclipse focuses on improving developer productivity by simplifying the development lifecycle in the delivery of both web and desktop applications.

MyEclipse provides development tooling in the following areas: Note:While the above list mentions the highest versions of the frameworks supported in MyEclipse, typically all prior versions are supported as well.

MyEclipse 2013 SR2 is based on the Eclipse 3.8.2 (Juno) release stream and delivered using Genuitec Secure Delivery Center; it is available on the Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.

Following are highlights of key new and improved features. For a more complete list of all MyEclipse 2013 features and screenshots see the New and Noteworthy.

Mobile Tooling

ICEfaces 3.3.0
ICEfaces 3.3.0 can be added to JSF 2 projects to develop next gen AJAX applications. Our Visual Designers support ICEfaces 3, ICEfaces 2 and ICEfaces 1 components and tags while the source editors provide content assist and validation. With Java EE 6 projects, ICEMobile components are also supported to ease the development of enterprise Java applications for mobile devices.

Web Fragment Support
Web Fragments are part of JEE 6, they are now fully supported in MyEclipse from project creation to deployment.

Deployment Enhancements

Project Libraries and Runtimes

Project Migration
As opposed to several project enhancement and migration wizards, there is now a single wizard which will get your projects ready for use in MyEclipse 2013. This includes projects from prior versions of MyEclipse, RAD and WTP. There is also a Project Migration view which will indicate the current migration state of your project.

WindowBuilder Swing and SWT Designers

Delivery Technology

Miscellaneous Updates

2. Recent Enhancements and Fixes

NOTE: Not all enhancements and fixes that went into MyEclipse are listed below. We try and cull the list down to ones that were reported in the forums to help visibility of fixes for effected customers. Internally we track 100s of fixes against any given release.

24579Activation not recognized at subsequent launches on Mac with 64 Bit JDK 7
24630MyEclipse HTML editor gets into unusable state after refactoring the folder nameSee link for details
24634Missing XHTML5 template or document type
24605Subscription level error when creating a web projectSee link for details
23359[Migration] Facet installation is not updated correctly during migration of certain WTP projects
24106[EJB] Interface implementation not correctly placed in the EJB Client Jar projectSee link for details
24447[JPA][JAXB] JPA and JAXB Facet installation wizard's library page is not refreshed with the platform selection
24572[JSF] Valid attributes of ui:repeat tag are marked as errors
5808Default Facelets XHTML does not include JSTL URIs
24470[JSF] struts13-faces1 project in test repo not working as expected
24558'Report problems as you type' is not working for JSPSee link for details
11294Error when clicking on Artifact Id link under different sections of the pom.xml
15855[Maven] Provide a better error message when downloading javadoc/sources fail
24833[Maven][Struts] Struts related web.xml configuration missing when struts facet is installed to JEE5/6 Std maven web projects
22059[Bling] Scaffold spring security for the second time on the same project will raise an error
21955[ME4S] 'include.jsp' not generated when scaffolding security for DSL enabled maven projects
21935[ME4S] XHTML file generated with incorrect tag attribute during JSF scaffolding for a JSF 2 application
22237[ME4S] Scaffolding a JPA project results in duplicate persistence.xml files
22308[ME4S] Scaffolding wizard not opened, when ME4S launched with JDK 1.7See link for details
21959[ME4S] Spring 3.1 version is not the default spring version selection on all wizards
24844[ME4S] JSF scaffolding tutorial issues
22310[ME4S] Version of GIN dependency is incorrect when enabling DSLSee link for details
23673[ME4S] OutOfMemory Error when Scaffolding with a customized template on linux
24646[ME4s] NPE logged when pressing Next on the migration wizard for a Java-DSL-ME4S 10.x project
24661[ME4S] "REST options" wizard page is not shown when scaffolding is run on projects with spring facet installed
24665[ME4S] Selecting "Web Flow" scaffolding should automatically add "Web Flow" libraries during scaffolding
24666[ME4S] Generated "security-context" file uses wrong xsd for Spring 2.5 projects
24681[ME4S] Scaffolding with Java Bean option results in a "StackOverflowError"
24687[ME4S] "Add Spring Runtime Dependencies" action fails with a NPE
24688[ME4S] Several CNF exceptions written to stdout log during scaffolding
24690[ME4S] Code generation using scaffolding wizards results in errors for Spring 3.0 and 2.5 projects
24693[ME4S] Unable to run Flex, IPhone, JSF and WebFlow scaffolded applications on ME Tomcat
24707[ME4S] Code generation fails when Java Bean/JPA scaffolding is run on Java projects with web.xml generation turned on
24708[ME4S] Running Adobe Flex scaffolded project doesn't show any resultsSee link for details
24717[ME4S] Target runtime is not selected by default if scaffolding Java Project
24718[ME4S] Switching between artifact types on the scaffolding wizard logs a NPE
24719[ME4S] Incorrect EL statements generated in XHTML files of Spring 2.5/3.0 JSF scaffolded applications
24720[ME4S] Spring libs are not mapped in DA after Web facet installation
24723[ME4S] Unable to CRUD scaffolding for DSL enabled projects
24728[ME4S] GWT scaffolding generates file with error
24743[ME4S] JUnit dependency not auto-added during scaffolding on maven web applications
24745[ME4S] Multiple JSF jars are copied when deploying a migrated JEE6-JSF scaffolded application
24753[ME4S] Scaffolding wizards ignore Maven source folders settings
24756[ME4S] Error in project after scaffolding
24757[ME4S] Spring Security wizard unassigns the target runtime set for the project
24758[ME4S] Provide a link to tutorial below warning notice on how to setup additional configuration for Java EE 5 JSF projects
24761[ME4S] Error running application built in Import and Use a SOAP Web Service Tutorial
24762[ME4S][Maven] WebFlow JSF deps are not auto added
24773[ME4S] DSL enabled + spring 2.5 projects not running and logs an error in the console
24783[ME4S] "Failed to read Maven project" error logged when invoking the scaffolding wizard
24791[ME4S] JSF facet cannot be deselected in CRUD scaffolding wizard.
24792[ME4S] "Widget is Disposed" exception logged when enabling DSL on a web-spring project
24809[ME4S] Unable to run spring 2.5 and 3.0 web service apps.
24810[ME4S] "Configure GWT Nature" action silently fails
24815[ME4S] Running GWT scaffolding after changing SDK can sometimes result in a series of exceptions
24817[ME4S] GWT Scaffolding doesn't work under IE9
24819[ME4S] Correct annotation processing setup for GWT
24669MyEclipse perspective customization dialog has missing Mobile group labelSee link for details
24651[MT][Sim] Cordova InAppBrowser API doesn't work
24677[MT] Unable to preview ME4S IPhone scaffolded applications in the MT Simulator
24573[MT] export mobile project as template fails silently
24521[MT] unable to build newly created iOS app; no default signing profile
24308[Spring] sessionfactoryID dropdown is empty when rev-engg(using mapping file) a Spring 3.0-Hibernate 4.1 project
24847[Spring] For spring 3.1 projects, version number of Spring framework across property pages do not exactly match
24526[struts] Double clicking jsp page in struts 1.3 project in design tab logs errors
5920[JSF] Expected faces-config.xml validation errors are shown in error log
24641Hot depolyment not working for XHTML filesSee link for details

3. Getting Help

MyEclipse provides the following free technical support resources:

Commercial support options are also available from Genuitec.

4. License and OSS Information

MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 2013 is a product of Genuitec, LLC and released under the Genuitec End User License (GEULA). This product includes open source modules. To view a list of the open source modules and their individual licenses see <install commons directory>com.genuitec.myeclipse.product/LICENSE directory. Click this link to access the public open source code used in MyEclipse.

© Copyright 2000-2013. Genuitec, LLC