Product History

The first commercial J2EE IDE for Eclipse, MyEclipse was launched by Genuitec in 2003, with a handful of features, and the commitment to deliver a complete and affordable development environment through rapid and iterative releases.

The inspiration for MyEclipse came from Genuitec's founders, who spearheaded the company in 1997, providing IT consulting. As a way to market the consulting services, they soon began offering free development tools for download on the Genuitec Web site. After several hundred thousand downloads, the team realized the market potential of Eclipse-based solutions, and began developing the first commercial release of MyEclipse. By 2005, Genuitec was primarily a product-based company focused on advancement of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench, which was available in Standard and Professional Editions.

In 2008, Genuitec announced the availability of MyEclipse Blue Edition, a specialized version of MyEclipse targeted at IBM WebSphere developers using IBM Rational tools. Since its launch, MyEclipse Blue has saved customers millions of dollars in overpriced tooling.

Near the beginning of 2010, MyEclipse for Spring was launched in partnership with Skyway Software, delivering the world's most advanced Spring tooling for the enterprise. As the popularity of the Spring framework has grown, the need for professional-grade, supported tooling continues to increase demand for this unique product.

In 2011, a new merging of technologies occured with the launch of MyEclipse Bling, a combination of the powerful technologies found in MyEclipse for Spring, and the WebSphere-centric tooling of MyEclipse Blue Edition.

Most recently, as MyEclipse has continued to grow in both customer base and depth of features, a partnership was announced with ZeroTurnaround to offer JRebel for MyEclipse, ending the need for redeployment of projects, saving up to 5 weeks of coding time per year.

Today, Genuitec and MyEclipse continue to spearhead low-cost, innovative tooling for the enterprise, building on a foundation of historical industry firsts:

  • First Eclipse-based IDE with low-cost, all-inclusive subscription pricing
  • First source-level JSP debugger for Eclipse
  • First public Eclipse rich-client platform (RCP) concept article
  • First commercial Eclipse RCP applications
  • First and largest suite of server connectors
  • First "hot sync" Java EE/J2EE application deployer
  • First native JavaScript debugger
  • First Web 2.0 / AJAX development environment
  • First IDE to fully support Hibernate/Spring integration
  • First full-featured image editor for Eclipse
  • First IDE to integrate NetBeans features into Eclipse
  • First to provide low-cost WebSphere tooling
  • First to provide professional Spring tooling for IBM-centric shops
  • First to incorporate Eclipse software management tools into an IDE offering

Looking to the future, Genuitec will continue its aggressive plans of adding high productivity Visual and Rapid Application (RAD) tools to MyEclipse, including tools for WebSphere users in MyEclipse Blue Edition.

For a more complete overview of MyEclipse goals and tentative roadmap, please see the
MyEclipse Roadmap.

For MyEclipse Open Source resources and contributions, please visit the
Open Source Resources page.