Why use MyEclipse?

We believe there are thousands of reasons to use MyEclipse – probably as many reasons as there are MyEclipse subscribers. But, we figure you only care about the reasons that will help you save time and money (up to $15,000 per year, per developer). Here is a list of eleven reasons MyEclipse is your clear choice.

 1 Complete Solution.
MyEclipse is the most comprehensive Java EE / J2EE IDE built on the open source Eclipse platform, period. Over 350,000 man hours have gone into MyEclipse, ensuring both depth and breadth of features. "Rolling your own" would involve hours of time and energy. Configuration time of "free" solutions alone could cost over $200 in time.
 2 Big Bang for Your Buck.
At $63.55 for the Professional Edition, MyEclipse is inexpensive and pays for itself in 15 minutes of use. Other versions of MyEclipse are available for under $250/year, including MyEclipse Blue Edition - the clear alternative to IBM Rational®.

When you purchase a MyEclipse subscription, you get thousands of dollars of software for less than $65 a year. How? The proprietary software in MyEclipse, including visual designers, reporting solutions and integration innovations would add up individually to a huge price tag. Plus, you don't have to worry about dependency issues or other common "base Eclipse" issues.

In the US, junior-level Java developers average about $63/hour. If you spend just 3 hours per year debugging environments, you'll save about $200 per developer, per year.
 3 Open Standards.
MyEclipse incorporates today's most innovative open-standard technologies (of course including the Eclipse platform) to provide a development environment for J2EE WEB, XML, UML and databases and a wide array of application server connectors to streamline development, deployment, testing and portability. The support for and integration of open standards far exceeds even the most robust commercial tools like IBM Rational.®
 4 Always Improving.
MyEclipse gets better with each release. And the best part is that with your paid subscription, you have access to all the improvements we make at no additional cost. With up to six commercial releases every year, there's no wait for years between feature updates like some other IDEs, or even the base Eclipse platform that has major updates only once annually.
 5 Have it Your Way.
Each of our subscribers is unique. So, MyEclipse offers the flexibility to select the technology you need at each application tier, choose optional technology bundles, "turn off" features not needed from the integrated Software and Workspace Center, access Velocity templates for code generation and add third-party commercial and OSS tools with a few clicks to enhance your development experience. The base Eclipse platform and some other commercial tools leave you to "roll your own" IDE. Here, you can customize and share too stacks all you want.

Think of getting that "new guy" up and running. MyEclipse's tool sharing capabilities can cut ramp-up time from 2 days down to an hour or two. A time savings of a full day means you'll save over $500 per new employee every year by standardizing on MyEclipse.
 6 Save 200 hours a year.
With MyEclipse, you don't have to wait for your servers to stop and restart for minutes and hours a day. The hot-sync deploy feature in MyEclipse has been shown to save an average developer between 200 and 250 hours per year. That's several thousand dollars a year (per developer) in time cost saved - for less than $65. It's a no-brainer.
 7 Increased Developer Productivity.
MyEclipse continually improves your Eclipse experience by delivering a Java EE/J2EE, database, RAD, UML, POJOs, Web 2.0/AJAX, and rich-client development environment. We also bundle an embedded Tomcat server and Derby database, giving you your own sandbox. If you configured your own sandbox for even two hours, MyEclipse will save you about $125 per developer.
 8 Works in your environment.
MyEclipse is certified on Windows, Linux, and Apple's OS X platforms. Also, MyEclipse is middleware agnostic, with support for more than 35 application servers and 30 database systems.
 9 Grows with you.
MyEclipse's parent company, Genuitec, has been in the technology space since 1997, so we know all about growing pains. That's why MyEclipse is optimized to provide effective tools for every size of development project, in every size of organization – from a company of one to the largest multi-national firms.
10 Complete documentation and support.
With your subscription, you have access to free online support (recognized by many customers as the best in the industry), forums and FAQs in addition to a comprehensive library of educational materials that include demos, tutorials, and user-contributed information. This isn't community-based support, but rather professionally-staffed support included for free.
11 Free 30-day trial.
If the first ten reasons haven't convinced you to use MyEclipse, maybe we can win you over with a free 30-day trial. After using it, we're sure you will come up with your own reason to love MyEclipse.