Learn how MyEclipse Secure lets you

Eliminate Engineering Overhead

Your engineers are losing 16 work days each and every year1 on non-product tasks, from trying to get ready to code, to keeping in sync with team activities, to releasing software. All with the best IDE, MyEclipse.
The Secure Editions of MyEclipse facilitate software development by providing the right tools at the right time, with minimal effort. Tool environment and maintenance is no longer a concern for your engineers.

Keep Engineers Building Product

Manage MyEclipse Centrally

IT teams need to address the array of requests from their MyEclipse users. Leveraging MyEclipse Secure allows even the most Eclipse-naive IT member to create advanced configurations with minimal effort.

On-Ramp Engineers to Projects

Engineers joining companies, moving between teams, or starting to develop the next major release of your product must prepare their development environment. MyEclipse Secure facilitates on-rampings in minutes by providing the right tool stack ready to use.

Keep Project Members in Sync

MyEclipse Secure allows engineers to stay up to date with the latest setup for development, making it easy for the team lead to ensure everyone on the team has the same tools and configuration.

Forget Licensing Hassles

Let MyEclipse Secure seamlessly roll out and activate licenses. License activation, maintenance and notification are managed for you, keeping everyone on task and in compliance.
1Metrics for lost time for engineers extracted from “Uncover the Real Cost of Software Management to Your Enterprise”, Genuitec, 2013.

Ensure Security and Standardization

Tame the Add-on Wild West

MyEclipse Secure allows configuration of an entire toolstack with all required add-ons. Let your best engineers lead by example and point-and-click their way to a secure and highly managed environment.

Update with Just a Click

With simple rollouts of changes, teams simply accept IDE updates with a click. No more searching for new add-ons, or questioning which version to get. Team IDE standards are maintained throughout the lifecycle.

Achieve Benefits Immediately

Deliver MyEclipse Day 1

Installing the delivery component and configuring your toolstack can be accomplished in a few hours. With MyEclipse Secure available across all major operating systems, any team can be up and going quickly.

FAST! Delivery to Teams

MyEclipse packages set up for delivery are rolled out super-fast over your local network getting your teams the stack they need with minimal hassle, all from an integrated web portal.

Upgrade to MyEclipse Secure Edition

$100/year Promo upgrade price for up to 10 Developers
$36/year Starting price to upgrade MyEclipse to Secure Edition

Software You Can Trust

CERN and Genuitec twice co-presented at EclipseCons on CERN’s usage of Eclipse, and how SDC is an integral part of their engineering stack. Watch the talk at: Used by major companies from Duetsche Bahn to Boeing to Cisco, choose software trusted by industry leaders.
After reviewing a couple of low priority requests on potential SDC improvements with your team, I observed: The absence of any high priority issues speaks of how well SDC is working for us and that is a significant departure from the previous deployment methods we have used over the years. We have received significant positive feedback from our users regarding using SDC for deployment.

Ryan Brooks @ Boeing